Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Democratus

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Formed in late 2014, Democratus fuse classic metal riffs with brutal growls and soaring clean vocals to bring a new spin to the melodic death metal genre. They have had the honour of opening for bands like – Suffocation, Psychostick, Largerstein, Skilltron, Red Rum, Master, Bloodshot Dawn and Agrona. In 2017 they became endorsed by Vocalzone and released their EP, Starting Again.

In 2018 they became endorsed by Moomin Merchandise and reached a new high on the 16th June when they won the Metal 2 The Masses South Wales final earning a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock.

A band not to be missed, Democratus will be bringing the heavy on the Friday of the festival!



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1. Congratulations on your victory in the South Wales Metal to the Masses. How are you feeling about getting to Bloodstock and up on to that famous New Blood Stage?

Thank you! We are so excited to have earned our slot and join some truly awesome bands both in the current line up and previous winners of Metal 2 The Masses! We hope to do South Wales proud and look forward to making the most of this opportunity!

2. How did you find the whole Metal to the Masses experience? You had some pretty tough competition.

As a general rule, we dislike Battle Of The Bands, its usually just a who can bring the most people rather than results being based on the hard work and quality of the bands output. Metal 2 The Masses has always been the exception though. I’ve (Steve) been involved in many years of M2TMs with different bands and even when unsuccessful, the positivity and availability to network and create new contacts and friendships has always made it worth it.

Democratus reached last years final and lost out to Malum Sky. As soon as that was done we went on a writing spree and did everything we could to improve both musically and showmanship wise. Our fans have been amazing and turned out in force through every round to get us back to the final. 3 of our friends bands made it too which in one way made it a great night cos whoever went through we’d have been happy for, but also made it much more difficult for seeing some of the same friends understandable disappointment.

But overall, we cant praise both M2TMs as an organisation and the South Wales hosts of Fuel, Tim and Alyn highly enough! They’re a credit to the underground scene!

3. Do you plan to stay at Bloodstock for the whole weekend? If so, what band’s are you hoping to catch while you are there?

Oh yes, we’re still in awe that we’re playing the Same day as Judas Priest! We’re hoping not to clash with our Death Metal brothers in Sodomized Cadaver or our Bristol friends in Mortishead who play the same day. Same goes for, Suicidal Tendencies, Onslaught, Wednesday 13 and Bloodbath! The rest of the weekend we can’t wait to see Gojira, At The Gates and SepticFlesh!

4. For anyone who doesn’t know you, what can we expect from Democratus at a live performance? Why should they come and check you out?

Democratus were forged on the live circuit. We play with passion and integrity. We never go through the motions and play every gig like we’re headlining Wembley! We play technical but anthemic melodic death metal. We love crowd interaction and and have no problem demanding noise and movement from said crowd!

5. You mention you have been to Bloodstock before as fans. Have you been there many times? What is it, to you, that makes Bloodstock so special?

10 years since my (Steve) first, 7th overall! The atmosphere is just perfect. Even as its grown in size, Bloodstock has successfully kept the close knit community feel. From being able to interact fully with the main faces of the festival like Adam Gregory, Vicky Hungerford and Simon Hall, you feel like you’re valued. Myself and my best friend Lee successfully campaigned to give the disabled camp its own name of Niflheim, and not once has our suggestions of improvement to facilities been dismissed. Would you get that at other large UK festivals? I haven’t come across it yet!

6. So what comes next for Democratus in late 2018/early 2019? Any plans for new music or tours coming up? You are supporting the excellent Wind Rose in September right?

Before Bloodstock we are opening for the mighty Psychostick in Cardiff this Monday. We also make or first venture to London on July 13th. After Bloodstock we aim to finish off mixing our “Damnation EP” and hope to release that before the end of the year. Then its doing what we do best. Playing everywhere we can and Democratizing the nation one gig at a time!


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