Best Horror Movies To Watch on Netflix in 2020

With the latest situation of the global pandemic with the coronavirus, people are more isolated at home. This means that there is more time for movies than ever before. Every online activity has increased since the coronavirus outbreak, from starting online businesses to watching movies on streaming platforms.

Netflix is one of the best ways to stay entertained at home, and they have great horror movies in their collection. In today’s article, we will go through some of the best movies that are available to watch. They are not the latest releases, but a pretty good way to satisfy your horror fantasy.


Religious themed horror movies are getting popular in recent times. Netflix’s Apostle is one of the greatest examples of what horror movies should be about. It is very similar to The Wicker Man that was released back in 1973. It is about a man named Thomas, who gets his hands full into infiltrating a mysterious cult just to find his missing sister.

The situation escalates as he finds the cult’s disturbing relationship with God filled with misery and torture. It is a creepy movie that is very interesting to watch.


One of the best creations from the modern maestro James Wan is a haunting story that is the tale of astral projection and demonic possession. Insidious is only available on Netflix, and it is a very creepy horror movie. If you’ve watched the Lambert Family movie, this one is very similar to the all-time favorite.

Paranormal Activity

This movie was very popular since its release back in 2007 and now is the perfect time to watch it again. It is directed by Oren Peli, and despite the extremely low-budget, it turns out to be a very well-made movie to watch.

It is about a haunted family that is terrified by the supernatural force that is in their home. Many people hate the found-footage genre of horror movies, but this is an example of how a horror movie should look like.

Train to Busan

If you like zombie movies, this is the one to watch. Basically, zombies have invaded their underground facilities, rural neighborhoods, and cities. This movie is about a man named When Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo) who is traveling with his daughter to Busan as they discover the zombie outbreak.

This is a survival horror movie that adds a creative spin in which passengers on the train desperately are trying to find their way to safety. This movie also has excellent ratings following 96 Rotten tomatoes, which is very hard for a zombie horror movie.


This is a Stephen Kind adaptation that was released by Netflix. It is based on one of the author’s short stories from his collection Full Dark, No stars. The movie takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, 1922, and it is about a man named Wilf who convinces his son to murder his wife in order to stop her from moving away and selling all their land.

However, by the time Wilf realizes that he made a mistake and he will have severe psychological consequences, he is already haunted by his wife’s ghost as a curse that refuses to leave him be.


This movie was released back in 2012 an introduced the world to Bagul, which is an ancient Pagan god that consumes children’s souls in order to survive. A man named Ellison Oswald, who is a true-crime author, is hunted by Bagul when his family moves in a house where previous murders occurred.

He finds eight movies from other victims, which leads him to madness. It is a very creepy movie to watch.

These are some of the best horror movies that are available to watch on Netflix. If you are someone like Anthony Davis, a star in one of the best teams in the NBA betting odds, who is scared of the dark and cannot take horror movies, you should avoid watching these movies.


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