Band Interview: Siderian

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with groove filled UK metal band, Siderian.

1. Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Can you give us a little background info about the band and how it got started?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to chat about us!

Siderian started in early 2015 although Dave (vocalist) is the only remaining member from that point. Things moved quickly at the start, we wrote, recorded and released an EP (“Cancel Your Future”) within six months of forming, but then line-up changes kicked in and any early momentum we had was lost. As new members came on board our overall sound grew more complex and significantly heavier and a few stand-alone singles were released to keep our name out there and to hone our sound. Last year we figured it was time to record an album because we needed a solid body of work to get behind now that we’ve finally got a line-up that excels in all areas.

2. You’ve been firing away since your inception, seemingly hardly taking a break. What’s driving you?

Time, hahaha, none of us is getting any younger! There’s an element of that and the need to keep pushing ourselves. So many bands pop up and do well initially but don’t maintain their early momentum or lose interest and just get forgotten about and passed by as new bands emerge. We don’t want to be like that.

3. We’re not far from the release of Origins now. How are you feeling about it? Desperate to get it out there or enjoying the build?

A bit of both to be honest. The whole process has been a long one, we recorded in September 2018, finalised the mixes and artwork and track-listing etc at the start of 2019 and here we are, nearly June and we’ve still got a whole month to go until release day. We’ve teased the title track and we’ve got a video for ‘The Supplicant’ out very early June, we’re so close now it’s exciting and scary. We’re very proud of the album, we put absolutely everything we had into it, it was a pretty draining process both writing and recording, but we know it’s a good record, it’s just getting people to take that chance on a band they may not have heard before and press play.

Siderian 2

4. Does the album follow a specific theme or story?

Not really, the lyrical content looks mostly at issues impacting others at home and around the world. US gun control, the war in Syria, environmental destruction, the current government and more abstract themes such as the forming of the solar system and the inner workings of the subconscious mind. If we’d had more time there might have been a more structured overall theme, maybe for album two!

5. The feedback for the title track has been phenomenal. Is that track a good barometer for the album as a whole?

Thank you! We put it out there as we knew which track we’d be using for the single/video and we also didn’t want to offer up the opening track of the album which is killer too. ‘Origins’ is the most straight-up thrash styled track on the album. It hammers along at a fair old pace and doesn’t really let up until the end. We wanted to let people who’d heard us before know that we’ve moved on light years from our debut EP and that track seemed to be the most fitting offering. The album is chock full of groove and riffs and heaviness, ‘Origins’ is at the thrashier end of all that.



6. As a band created during the digital age of streaming, is it just the ‘world you know’ so have to put up with it or are you working well within it?

Streaming is more like a form of advertising in all honesty. The income derived from streaming is so small at our level it’s barely worth thinking about. What streaming does offer is a way of getting your name out there to people you’d never ordinarily reach. If they buy a CD or a shirt or come to a show, then it’s a win. It still fries our minds that there’s people listening to noise we created from Panama and Indonesia. That’s madness.

7. If you could play it one legendary venue in the world regardless of size etc what would it be?

So many possible answers. Rebuild the London Astoria and we’ll play there. As main support. Job done.

8. What does the rest of 2019 look like for you? Tours?

We’re aiming to get our first ever tour in yeah, that’ll hopefully start to come together later this year. What we know right now is – video release early June, album release 21st June, same day as we’re playing the live final for the opportunity to play at Amplified Festival which we’re all excited about. Week after that we’re opening the Main Stage for Vader at HOP Fest in Northampton which is also a massive thing for us. Then just play as many shows in as many towns as possible. We want to reach new ears. We want your ears. All ears.


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