Band Interview: Perihelion (Gyula Vasvári – Guitar and Vocals)

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with Gyula Vasvári, the guitarist and vocalist of Hungarian apocalyptic rock/metal act Perihelion.

On December 6th they released their stunning new album, Agg. Seven tracks inspired by the world’s ever-increasing moral decline and turmoil. The quartet returned with a new album that is both abrasive and yet strangely comforting; a smorgasbord of dark sounds, emotions and feelings.

Translating as “very very old” in archaic Hungarian, Agg is a concept album about escapism. Each track has a different take on the process of heading towards death, the ultimate escape, which serves as a sour metaphor for the decline of humanity. You can read our review here.

1. Hi guys. Pleasure to speak to you. Can you introduce yourselves?

Hi, Gyula here. Thanks for getting into contact.

2. It has been a hell of a year for Perihelion. Any particular highlights?

It was our most intense year so far. Recording the album and making our first European tour were definitely among the best.

3. Agg is spectacular and one of our albums of the year. Are you happy with what you accomplished?

Yes, we are very happy about the album as we had enough time to form these new songs into what we had imagined from the beginning. Also, since we recorded the album on our own live in our rehearsal room, we had the opportunity to experiment and try out as many things as we can think of to get the sonic results that we were looking for.

4. What went into making it? You’ve kept it both concise and epic in the same breath.

We like to fiddle with song structures, trying different parts, or different instrumentation and it is always rewarding to feel when all four of us are satisfied with a song, or anything that we are working on at the time. What you hear on this album is something that we were all satisfied with at the point of making the album.

5. You’re living in the world of streaming and free music, how are you surviving as a band?

This band is the main outlet of our musical creativity and not something that need to “break even” financially. As long as we have the drive to come up with new stuff, we’re fine. Also, we are absolutely content with the fact that our music can reach almost anywhere on the planet where people live. The rest is just bells and whistles.

6. What does 2020 hold for Perihelion?

We would like to work on new songs. It is the most interesting thing ever.


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