Band Interview: Hellfekted

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are pleased to bring you an interview with the noisy and nasty metallers, Hellfekted.

1. How did you get started as a band?

Well it begins when I left one of my old bands and I kept going through a couple of bands and nothing was working. Then I came to Hellfekted and it was going good and bad then one day I met Chris in a nightclub and asked him if he wanted join a band and he was like fuck yeah! Then I met Myles later on at Bloodstock and saw him at a local show and asked him and he just got out of a band and joined Hellfekted and then we’ve just been growing and growing ever since!

2. How would you describe your sound?

I would describe it as evil and killer sound where you hear this powerful sound and realise its only 3 of us making it and see the energy that goes into our sound. The roaring but harsh vocals and the almighty bass sound and the gun like double pedal. It all comes together to make this unique evil sound that everyone loves!



3. What bands/artist would you say have influenced your style of music?

Well I feel like there’s too many bands that have done it so I would say the main one is Death. All because the way it sounded, the way it was created and that way it came across as evil and powerful, but Chuck has been a massive inspiration on how I play and sing. Without him I wouldn’t become who I have today but then there bands like Bolt Thrower that’s been massive on us as well because of the power from the singing and how the bass smashes without no warning.

4. Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band?

Well I would say yeah its helped to get more people to hear our stuff and discover us and many other bands but I do also believe its hit in a bad way as well. That some people will listen to bands and not help them out or buy their music because yeah you get it for free but we pay our money for you to get it free! So there nothing wrong with chucking a couple of pound our way so we can pay for petrol to get to gigs from the music you buy!

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

Well we all enjoy going out spending time with each other and our families and girlfriends but when we’re not making music were always doing something music related. As well like finding gigs, getting artwork sorted, getting flags sorted and many more stuff but we love doing it so it’s great!

6. What are your future plans musically? Tours?

Well we have a load of gigs coming up soon and have some tours in the works but we’re also releasing the new album out soon. Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood on all platforms with new merch! But also, you can find that all on our social media so please follow and like all our stuff to see updates, gigs, merch and many more exciting stuff coming soon!


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