Band Interview – Collected (Metal 2 the Masses Essex 2019)

Modern/progressive rock band Collected will play in Heat One of Metal 2 the Masses Essex 2019. They face off against Parrilla, FyreSky, Goat Monsoon and The Penny Antics on the 18th of January. The event takes place at The Soundhouse which is at The Bull, Colchester, CO3 3ES.

Each band will be giving their all to try to progress in the competition where the winner receives an amazing opportunity. A much coveted slot playing on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival, 2019. GBHBL are pleased to bring you a short interview with Collected to help introduce them to the metal masses.

Have a read, enjoy and make sure you get down to The Soundhouse on the 18th of January to give them some support.


Interview with Collected.

1. Why Collected? Where did the name come from?

We chose Collected because to us the band is a collection of our influences, experiences and the individuals we are. All channelled into this project.

2. Tell us a little about Collected. How long have you been playing together? Who is in the band? Where are you from? How did you meet?

Originally we were a Tech Death band from Essex but we went to uni, got into all types of other music, got our old guitarist Charlie back and a new singer from another local band we knew. Then we pretty much evolved into what Collected is today.

3. What artists, metal or otherwise, have influenced you and your sound?

We have a massive variety of musical influences. From Monuments to Megos to Devin Townsend to Miles Davis.


4. With so many genres and sub genres around these days, what genre would you put yourself in?

We don’t really like to pigeonhole ourselves anymore but we have been told by listeners that we sound like so many different bands! So we’d probably sum it up like, imagine Tesseract had a love child with The Contortionist which grew up to become Devin Townsend, who went on to fuck Agent Fresco and their bastard child is us. Does that answer your question? 😉😂

5. What will you bring to the Metal to the Masses heats? What can music lovers expect and how are you going to win their support on the night?

Raw emotion, energy and creating a feeling of acceptance!

6. Any horror fans in the band? What are some of your favourite horror movies or books?

Definitely have to be Evil dead II, Alien, Paranormal activity.


7. How about games? What’s your console or game of choice?

PS4!, Rocket league, Metal Gear, Battlefield. We all love gaming!

8. Have you been to Bloodstock Festival before?

No, but we have always wanted to!

9. Where can fans check out your music, merch and find out more about you?

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are our main websites so if you wanna head over and drop us a like or comment we’d truly appreciate it! 🙏❤ @collected_uk

10. Aside from hopefully playing Bloodstock Festival, what else do you have lined up for 2019? Any releases due or tours/gigs/festivals line up?

We have lots to bring to the table this year! New singles, videos and gigs to announce. We’re super excited and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

GBHBL would like to thank Collected for taking the time to answer these questions and we wish them all the best in their heat at Metal 2 the Masses Essex. Find out more about Collected at their Facebook page and Instagram by following the links. You can check out some of their music on YouTube . You can also pick up a copy of their debut album, Left to Nothingness, on Bandcamp by following the link.

Importantly, get yourself down to the venue on the 18th of January and throw them some support.


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