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Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are proud to bring you an interview with Italy’s Amycanbe.

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1. How did you get started as a band?

Me and Marco started playing together because I was looking for bandmates and never had an original project He was playing in a Hard-Core-Nu-metal band with a classmate of mine and this guy had the brilliant idea to introduce us. After some months of line-up changing, especially spent on finding a singer, Marco met Francesca during a in-house concert. We felL immediately in love with her voice.

2. How would you describe your sound?

I usually call it ironically “music for not-young people” meaning that it could, to someone, sounds a bit “slow” and meditative…eheh!

By the way…uhmmm…I dont know. We just make what we feel, with no rule or no plan at all. I never listen to old material, but looking back to albums released so far…they are quite different. From that I am very surprised of how we have been able to move on from time to time.

Yeah, we are still curious. We like to change, that makes music better for me, even though I don’t know what to call it.

3. What bands/artists would you say have influenced your style of music?

For me, Radiohead and above all Jonny Greenwood played a very important role to determine what I like in modern electronic music mixed with traditional instruments. Another musician I really admire is Maestro Alessandrini, who made some great (obscure) records in the 60/70’s. He is another very talented multi-instrumentalist.

There are so many influences from a lot of artists…present and past ones. Francesca, for example, is in love with Nina Simone and she is now listening to some heavy metal stuff! Yes, we are just addicted to music in general, no matter the genre, influences are there…often subliminal.

4. Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band?

It helped for sure, because even in a “zero-selling time” we can at least reach every angle in the world. We can hope to put our music in films/television series’ in every angle…fortunately sometimes it happens!

Internet helps people to connect easier and faster but is still people making the difference (if any).

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

Anyone of us has very different hobbies. I really like Yoga and drawing sometimes. Marco is a wine waiter & Francesca…emm…globetrotter.

6. What are your future plans musically? Tours?

We always try to play as much as we can & we are currently touring Italy promoting our last album. In the next days we will add a lot of new gigs & we are going to fill our next summer with concerts and festival as well. This is all while we are just writing new stuff because we really want and need to record a new one!

We’d like to thank Amycanbe for taking part in this interview & Stencil PR for arranging it. You can find out much more about the band over on their website here. You can also find them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram & YouTube.


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