Album Review: Xenosis – Paralleled Existence (Self Released)

Seasoned progressive/technical death metallers Xenosis are excited to release their fourth full-length, Paralleled Existence on October 1st, 2021.

Active since 2009, the band’s upcoming album runs parallel to the bands biggest line-up shift in years, with the band adding a more groove/progressive music influenced second guitarist Keith Benway as well as new bassist, backing vocalist Craig Breitsprecher of Fires in the Distance (Prosthetic Records) fame who also previously played with Xenosis guitarist Kenny Bullard in the tech-death group Formless.

Xenosis comment:

We feel that Paralleled Existence is our best effort yet and our most well rounded. We achieved a unique blend of brutality, technicality, groove, and progressive elements on this release in a new way that is new for us. The addition of new members for sure played a big role in how this album sounds different than the last one.

An indulgent display of tech-death, Xenosis have the know-how and talent to produce an album that is both insanely complex and insanely brutal in equal amounts. From rapacious speeds to coarse heaviness and everything in between, there isn’t a single moment where Xenosis aren’t doing something spectacular here.

Or weird. That should also be said. There is a lot of weirdness to this album. Which should be expected when it comes to tech-death but Xenosis really push the bar up for that. At times, barely controlled ruthless chaos and at others, smooth like jazz and at others, like being slashed over and over again by tiny knives. No doubt you’ll have your own analogy to describe what you’re hearing though.

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It is mightily enjoyable though, provided that, disordered and highly inventive technical death metal is something you like to hear. Who doesn’t? It might seem like 8 tracks is short-selling but each track is an exhausting and mammoth listen. It doesn’t matter if the track is 5 minutes or 7, Xenosis pack every second with a senseless display of heavy noise.

From the moment Entities Yielded Essence Storage (E.Y.E.S.) comes careening out of the blocks to Amorphous Conquerors’ compelling intensity and fierce display of death metal to Skin of the Dead’s noisy jabs and Dimension Oppressor’s guttural viciousness. Xenosis’ batter the senses with this album. It’s a lot to take in and a lot to unpack but it’s worth taking the time to try!

Xenosis – Paralleled Existence Full Track Listing:

1. Entities Yielded Essence Storage (E.Y.E.S.)
2. Prophetic Blight
3. Castrato
4. Amorphous Conquerors
5. Jenkem Overdose
6. Skin of the Dead
7. Personification of the Unconscious
8. Dimension Oppressor


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Xenosis - Paralleled Existence (Self Released)
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