Album Review: Wythersake – Antiquity (Scarlet Records)

Progressive/melodic death-black band, Wythersake will release their debut album, Antiquity on March 26th 2021 via Scarlet Records.

Like some dark, ancient and wholly evil being, Wythersake come rising up to cast a blackened stare across the world. A ritual to celebrate the arrival, Prediluvian is steeped in darkness which leads to the unending savagery and destruction caused by the title track. An eruption of blackened death metal, the bursts of feral riffs, slamming percussion and scathing vocals is eye-watering in its intensity. However, it’s also layered with cold melodies to help keep it feeling more tangible and easier to swallow.

It’s a similar taste of massive sounding melodies and crushing metal that takes The Advent and Whereas From A Serpent Spoken to a grander level. Both packed to the brim with devastating heavy instrumentation but calming keyboards and effects. The balance near enough nailed so the feeling of ‘end times’ is ever present.

The battering caused by the drumming throughout Iniquity will certainly stop most people in their tracks. One of heavier efforts on the album but made all the more palatable thanks to stunning guitar work. Though perhaps the crowning glory of Wythersake’s efforts arrives next with the gargantuan heavyweight offering that is Through Ritual We Manifest. A track with all the beastly power that this risen monstrosity can muster but also a thing of beauty to be marvelled at. A stunning piece of music that feels nowhere as long as it’s 9+ minutes suggest.

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A bit of a breather is in order though and the soft and sad sounding melody of Lamentations plays out. Lights shining through the darkness and destruction caused by the previous efforts.

Although, nothing sleeps as all the death has brought even more horror to the surface. Feast Upon the Seraph Within burns with passionate heaviness but also moves at such a blistering pace, keeping up is difficult. Unto Light continues the magnificent guitar riffing that has been such a strength for this album while continuing to exude chaotic darkness. This truly is a great example of how well Wythersake are able to mesh their melodic and brutal sides so well.

The world is in ruins, not much lives and there’s little left to do but pray for some salvation. Epic salvation that comes in the form of the lavish finale of My Profane Goddess. Get down on your knees and pray for salvation. Pray to the gods for release. Pray that Wythersake become a name on everyone’s lips following the release of this excellent debut album.

Wythersake – Antiquity Full Track Listing:

1. Prediluvian
2. Antiquity
3. The Advent
4. From A Serpent Spoken
5. Iniquity
6. Through Ritual We Manifest
7. Lamentations
8. Feast Upon the Seraph Within
9. Unto Light
10. My Profane Goddess


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Wythersake - Antiquity (Scarlet Records)
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