Album Review: Wreche – All my dreams came true (Handsmade/Acephale Winter)

Wreche, a high stakes challenger of the metal genre returns with a violent haymaker on All my dreams came true. A colossal masterpiece, this album sees John Steven Morgan working alone – more unhinged, personal, and varied than on Weche’s 2017 eponymous debut w/ drummer Barret Baumgart.

All my dreams came true arrives May 14th, 2021.

While the set-up might have changed somewhat with Wreche, the insane collision of extreme metal and beautiful melody hasn’t. Wreche are one of the most unique listens out there and with All my dreams came true, that statement is cemented.

A baffling blend of scathing vocals, frenzied riffing and wild keyboard playing. As savage as it is captivating, Wreche are pushing the boundaries of extreme in a way many will struggle to fathom.

If your mouth isn’t wide open in shock after Mysterium, Scherzo will see it hit the floor. The sound of chaos expressed through wild instrumentation, few will have ever heard a keyboard abused in such a fashion.

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At times, it’s hard not to think this is nonsense but most of the time the overriding thought is that you’re listening to a musical magician at work. One doing tricks that defy logic, sense and reason. The beauty of what is on offer; In Agony, to the Earth – and Heaven showcasing how attractive the music can be, is what keeps you listening on. Although there is no denying that some may find it to weird for their tastes. Even the most open-minded listener will raise an eyebrow at the weird warbles in the latter part of Severed.

…but then you get through that and arrive at The Darkling Thrush and find yourself mesmerized again. Followed by the two-part, Les Fleurs Mov. 1 and Mov. 2. Mov. 1 serving as a crazy keyboard intro to the chaotic Mov. 2. Chances are, if you made it this far with Wreche, you’re all in.

Wreche – All my dreams came true Full Track Listing:

1. Mysterium
2. Scherzo
3. In Agony, to the Earth – and Heaven
4. Severed
5. The Darkling Thrush
6. Les Fleurs Mov. 1
7. Les Fleurs Mov. 2


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Wreche - All my dreams came true (Handsmade/Acephale Winter)
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