Album Review: World War 5 – World War 5 (Self Released)

World War 5 is the sound of old school death metal in a head on collision with rip-your-face-off hardcore technical modern thrash. The front line is made up of war hardened veterans from two of the most renowned Danish metal bands ever. Lasse Bak and Tore Mogensen are reunited as the wall of guitars that made Illdisposed’s ”Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark” a true death metal milestone. Knud Lind led the front of the charge in Barcode as they slaughtered all of hardcore Europe in the early 2000’s,

World War 5’s self titled debut album will be released on the 15th of February 2020.

With a thrashy as hell start, World War 5 lights the fuse that heralds the incoming apocalypse. If we’ve made it past World War 3 and World War 4, then chances are we’re just finishing ourselves off. The soundtrack to this devastation and destruction is this and hell, what a way it is to go out.

The clock is ticking, the fuse is shortening and World War 5 are more than up to the task of providing thrash infused death metal to go wild too. From the fervour that vents from them within Grind, to the smash-mouth battering of the somewhat groovy, Retrograde and the hysterical vulgarity of Expose. The first third of this album is as hot as searing heat from a nuclear explosion.

The fallout then rains down resulting in the survivors experiencing Terrors, Haunt and Megalomaniacs. The trio serving up a hefty dose of radiation poisoning that sinks into the bones. These are tracks that will leave their mark, thrash and death hasn’t sounded this desperate in some time.

The final third certainly isn’t releasing any of the pressure caused by the annihilation so far. Survival is all that matters as World War 5 continue to express themselves in the aftermath and no amount of cowering in basements will save you from Gee, Bitterness and Increased.

Thrashy death metal at its finest.

World War 5 – World War 5 Full Track Listing:

1. Grind
2. Retrograde
3. Expose
4. Terrors
5. Haunt
6. Megalomaniacs
7. Gee
8. Bitterness
9. Increased


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World War 5 – World War 5 (Self Released)
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