Album Review: Wolf King – The Path Of Wrath (Prosthetic Records)

Wolf King have returned with a follow up to 2018’s blistering release, Loyal to The Soil. Having lost none of their bite, everyone’s favourite Bay Area blackened heavy metal band has crafted a twelve-track opus that will set 2021 off to a smouldering start.

The Path of Wrath tells real life tales of existential struggles and explorations of life and death. This abrasive take on mortality and the afterlife traverses themes of judgement, salvation, and looking ‘beyond the veil’. As they pick over the weight of sin and uncover the burdens of both damnation and forgiveness, ripples of pure darkness infiltrate every crevice of the album.

The Path of Wrath will be released via Prosthetic Records on March 5th, 2021.

With heavy as balls guitar riffs that sound like something straight from the mouth of a doom merchant, Wolf King begin the wander down The Path of Wrath with the intro of River of Light. Then, unexpectedly and with a ton of blackened fire, they erupt into the chaotic Messenger of Death.

Blending elements of thrash, death, hardcore and a whole load of black metal, it’s immediately clear that Wolf King are a beast of a band. However, it’s the tracks that prove that their bite is as bad as their bark. Wandering Soul, Triumph of the Slain and Sanctuary are the early examples of how crushingly bleak Wolf King’s brand of heaviness is.

Mind you, for all its blackened ferocity, it’s not lacking in peppiness nor moments of relaxed melodic levity. Even if they are brief and often lead into an even more frenzied burst of metal, such as found on the excellent The Oath and Grief Portrait. A pair of tracks that are layered with detail and take trips into even darker places.

When they rage though, it’s Wolf King at their strongest. The title track, an explosive effort of screeching guitars, pounding percussion and savage vocals. The rumble of incoming devastation highlighted by Incantation’s doomier guitars and scathing vocal performance.

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Most bands might be looking to wrap things up by now, but Wolf King have plenty more in their blackened souls to give. From the messy burst of vehemence that is Beholder, the sickeningly heavy rhythm of Holy Serpent and stomping, grinding and forceful slow brutality of Eternal Hunger. Every single moment is felt and the latter part lives up to the expectations set by the earlier portion.

Wolf King – The Path of Wrath Full Track Listing:

1. River of Light
2. Messenger of Death
3. Wandering Soul
4. Triumph of the Slain
5. Sanctuary
6. The Oath
7. The Path of Wrath
8. Incantation
9. Grief Portrait
10. Beholder
11. Holy Serpent
12. Eternal Hunger


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Wolf King - The Path Of Wrath (Prosthetic Records)
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