Album Review: Witnesses – The Collapse (Self Released)

The ever-prolific Witnesses are proud to announce the October 31st release of expansive Doom-rock gem The Collapse. The follow up to Doom II, The Collapse sees Witnesses extending its doom rock styles into even darker territory on this outing.

The morose and haunting intro of Entrance sets the scene for an album of melancholic doom. An album dripping with moody vibes warped by melody and the old-school British doom touch of cleanliness.

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It’s the title track that gets this sullen and dreary album started fully. Heavy rhythm with miserable melodies, dominated by smooth singing. Bridging between fuzzy, meatier instrumentation and clean, harmonious passages. It’s an instant doom classic that captures the imagination impressively.

Taking of imagination capturing though… Repose is an enthralling effort that ups the atmosphere. Not only that, it also has these bursts of speed and rockier guitar courses that just sound so damn good. It’s a fascinating blend of old-school doom and modern touches of post.



Interlude is exactly what the title suggests; an extended sombre keyboard interlude. Before Witnesses erupt with the longest (just short of 11 minutes) and most ‘peaks and valleys’ track so far. Even though it begins with some of the gloomiest atmosphere heard on the album, it really does take us on a journey of heavy lows and melodic highs.

There’s no time to take a breath though as the finale of it Will Come for You, It Comes for Everyone arrives with the sound of whining guitars. A much shorter track to see listeners off into the night, Witnesses give one last melancholic wave before disappearing into the gloom.

Witnesses – The Collapse Full Track Listing:

1. Entrance
2. The Collapse
3. Repose
4. Interlude
5. They Giveth and Taketh Away
6. It Will Come for You, It Comes for Everyone


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Witnesses - The Collapse (Self Released)
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