Album Review: Witherfall – A Prelude to Sorrow (Century Media Records)

Witherfall’s out-of-nowhere debut album release “Nocturnes And Requiems” left many people speechless. The band’s well-balanced mix of skilled musicianship, dynamic song arrangements and heaviness did not only surprise critics worldwide, but left a real impact on the entire metal scene. Now comes “A Prelude to Sorrow”, Witherfall’s second album. If you think they cannot top the debut, think again.

A Prelude To Sorrow will be available as ltd. Digipak CD, deluxe gatefold 2LP (with etching on side D) and on all digital platforms November 2nd 2018 via Century Media Records.

Witherfall 2

There’s a fair amount of expectation on Witherfall with this new release and it’s good to hear they live up to it. A moody and atmospheric intro in A Prelude to Sorrow leads into the excellent We Are Nothing. Here Witherfall show why there is such excitement surrounding them as the song takes on different lives across a an 11+ minute journey. Thrilling in how it delivers chunky and heavy riffing alongside complex shifts in sound and dynamics. A track that is as likely to get you head-banging as it is to see you get a notepad out and start studying it!

Moment of Silence chorus is epic while delivering the same enlightening levels of heaviness and power.

The highlight of the album comes in the form of Shadows though, a simply spectacular track that gets the blood pumping and demands a fist in the air. Elephantine riffing, epic vocals, thumping drums, a face-melting guitar solo…it has it all and it is all brilliant.

There is simply no topping that as much Witherfall try with one final huge push on the melodramatic penultimate track, Vintage. The sombre guitar melody builds and builds until the track has fully transformed into a finale that leaves you worn out but incredibly happy. A great effort.

Witherfall 1

Witherfall – A Prelude to Sorrow Full Track Listing:

1. A Prelude To Sorrow
2. We Are Nothing
3. Moment Of Silence
4. Communion Of The Wicked
5. Maridian’s Visitation
6. Shadows
7. Ode To Despair
8. The Call
9. Vintage
10. Epilogue

A Prelude to Sorrow will be available via all major stores and streaming services.

Witherfall - A Prelude to Sorrow (Century Media Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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