Album Review: Witch Tripper – I, Of The Storm (Self Released)

Witch Tripper are a 3-piece stoner/groove rock band from Nottingham, UK. I, Of The Storm is their long awaited second album and will be released on April 14th 2018.

Witch Tripper 2

The stoner/doom groove rock scene is the UK is producing great music from both the old and the new. The game has been stepped up & bands are doing everything possible to make sure they don’t just reach the bar but fly past it.

You can add Witch Tripper to that list now.



I, Of the Storm is so groove-heavy, so ear-pleasingly exciting, so dark & dirty that it’s impossible to not be grinning from ear to ear the moment White Lines starts. A thumping & rocking start is topped though by the unbelievably brilliant State of Mind. It’s a track that takes us on the most amazing sonically charged journey filled with deep cuts & wicked rhythm.

With more bounce and catchiness then you might expect in stoner rock, Witch Tripper stand out for all the right reasons. The guitars mix complex arrangements with simple, head-banging riffs, the vocals have just a nice amount of growl to them and the bass-heavy drums hammer the point home hard.

Take the likes of Poonstar… a track that has a real feel-good vibe to it. The kind of track that gets the body moving & you could easily see blaring out of a metal club’s speakers even though it doesn’t stray to far from the core stoner groove that Witch Tripper excel at.

There are few faults throughout I, Of the Storm and the latter half satisfies as much as the first half does. There is Hell Bound, one of the most up-tempo tracks of the entire album with these flashes of heavy ‘Crowbar’ style drops. High in the Sun and its punchy one-two of the riffs & drums and Cut Me Loose’s attempt at being a bit of a ballad!

One last hurrah of chugging guitars, drums and growling vocals finishes off Witch Tripper’s excellent effort in style. The Road, It Hurts…is gloriously groovy & the perfect culmination of a brilliant release.

Witch Tripper 1

Witch Tripper – I, Of The Storm Full Track Listing:

1. White Lines
2. State Of Mind
3. I, Of The Storm
4. Poonstar
5. Roll The Dice
6. Hell Bound
7. High In The Sun
8. Cut Me Loose
9. The Road, It Hurts…

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You can order the album now over on Bandcamp, stream earlier releases on Spotify and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date by liking Witch Tripper’s Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.

Witch Tripper - I, Of The Storm (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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