Album Review: Windrunner – MAI (Famined Records)

Female-fronted, Vietnam-based Progressive Metalcore outfit Windrunner will be releasing their debut full-length album entitled MAI on November 30th 2018 via Famined Records.

The band was founded in early 2015 from the merger of two renowned Vietnamese metalcore bands: Epione and Alive In Sight.

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A blur of blast beats, intense vocals and melodic metal comes from Windrunner and this debut album. An absolute beast of a record that begs for the world to sit up and take notice of this band. It’s very exciting to see quality metalcore coming out of somewhere other then the Western world and Windrunner certainly fit with amongst the greats.

The female vocals that switch between wonderful clean passages and dirty, throat-ripping nastiness are just one of the many highlights of the likes of Sakura, Orchid, the title track and Lotus.

It’s not an easy task to stand out in the metalcore crowd but Windrunner certainly do enough to turn heads thanks to the some clever arrangements, ferocious blasts of heaviness and wicked groove. When the beat drops, this is circle pit madness at its best.

A thrilling listen from start to finish, there are big things in the future of Windrunner.

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Windrunner – MAI Full Track Listing:

1. Mulan
2. Oleander
3. Sakura
4. Marigold
5. Orchid
6. Dahlia
7. MAI
8. Cedar
9. Rose
10. Narcissus
11. Lotus

You can order the album via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and everywhere else you can stream music. Find out more/keep up date with news by liking Windrunner’s Facebook Page, following them on Instagram and on Twitter.

Windrunner - MAI (Famined Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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