Album Review: Warcall – Invaders (Plan B Music)

Canadian thrashers Warcall will release their new album, Invaders on October 13th 2017 via Plan B Music.

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A concept album based on humans fighting back an alien invasion with a message of fighting oppression, resisting, reconquering, but without knowing if it is really over.

With the crashing of drums & thrashy riffs, Invaders gets off to a blazing start with Mission Commando. A white-hot blast of metal that delivers on hard hitting rhythm, screeching solos & brutalising vocals.

Fans of an old school thrash/speed sound will find plenty to enjoy throughout Invaders. 10 tracks of meaty metal that makes you want to dig out the old patch jacket & head-bang until your neck fuses.

The concept behind Invaders comes to the fore-front with the thumping groove of Bully Bastard. A song that encourages you to take a stand. It’s quickly followed by the wickedly fast Mass Extinction, a song that drops some of the best guitar riffs of the entire album. A real head-banger of a track.

The feel good vibe of the record continues throughout the middle of the album. Tracks like The Man Who Suffers, Fight Back & Through the Dusk slay with huge drum beats & riffs strong enough to rip you limb from limb.

The penultimate track, Para Bellum kicks off with a screaming guitar solo before showcasing a mix of nasty & clean vocals. This excellent thrash record wraps up with the near six-minute speed epic that is Alien Forces. The final battle, leaving the question hanging about if we will prevail or not.

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Warcall – Invaders Full Track Listing:

1. Mission Commando
2. Riding With Zombies
3. Bully Bastard
4. Mass Extinction
5. The Man Who Suffers
6. Fight Back
7. Black Panther
8. Through the Dusk
9. Para Bellum
10. Alien Forces

You can pick up Warcall’s music now over on Bandcamp, CD Baby & via Apple Music below where the new album will be available too. Keep up to date with news & find out more via Facebook & ReverbNation then listen to some tracks via YouTube & Last.FM.


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Warcall - Invaders (Plan B Music)
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