Album Review: Vyrion – Nil (Self Released)

“Nil”, the third album from Vyrion, will escape its bounds and find the release on October 26th 2020. With Black ’n’ Roll rotting its heart, Nil is concept album telling the stories of civilisations, from the cradle to their eradication by disease, Nil takes all prisoners on a vivid journey, basking in the glory of our war-mongering past and looking eagerly towards our decrepit future.

A stampeding and furious horde of black heaviness comes roaring out with Beleaguered. An opening track of viciousness that is black metal at its core but with a storming style of riffing that gives the band the ‘Black ‘n’ Roll’ tag.

The aggressive start continues into the frenzy that is Squall, Vyrion intensifying their ferocity before they unleash a momentous heavy hitter with Avalanche. It’s here that the twisted unit that is Vyrion expand and evolve their concept and really begin to take the mind on the promised journey. It’s an apt title as this very much is an avalanche of cruelty.

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Speaking of apt titles though; Erupt literally erupts and sees Vyrion spewing molten black metal over everything that lives. The short-lived destruction is perfectly placed with thanks to what came before and what comes after. The vast pit that is Crave, where darkness moves like it is alive and the monolithic terror that is Monuments, as it comes crashing down. Both devastating, but both fantastic examples of what Vyrion are capable of.

Although, they’re not done yet as Dethrone has the horde rebuilding its strength and marching out to wipe out what is left on the world. That end coming with Infect and the feeling that the fire no longer burns for humanity and its civilisation, but rather something darker and more evil.

Stupendously good.

Vyrion – Nil Full Track Listing:

1. Beleaguered
2. Squall
3. Avalanche
4. Erupt
5. Crave
6. Monuments
7. Dethrone
8. Infect


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Vyrion - Nil (Self Released)
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