Album Review: Voidfire – Ogień Pustki (Self Released)

Voidfire was founded as an instrumental project in February 2018 by Jakub Maciej Zdzienicki. In June 2018, the drummer Łukasz ‘Icanraz’ Sarnacki (known mainly for playing in Devilish Impressions, Corruption, Abused Majesty, Christ Agony, among many others) joined. They decided not to make Voidfire an instrumental project in the end and were joined by Jakub Lisicki, a lyricist, in August 2018 and by Krzysztof ‘Virian’ Sobczak, a vocalist (known for his work in Lilla Veneda), in May 2019.

Based in Białystok, Poland, their debut album entitled ‘Ogień Pustki’, is a concept album based on the theme of finding artistic inspiration in emotional suffering and its style can be described as melodic black metal.

An emotionally fraught yet savagely intense piece of melodic black metal, Voidfire step out of the flames, burning ever so brightly with their debut. Six transcendent tracks of beauty and brutality that begins in incredible fashion with Bladość.

With ringing black metal riffs, the meatiest of drum patterns and vocals that howl like a wind designed to spread flames even further, Światło-Cierń is certainly a more traditional sounding offering. Before – scraps and claws its way out of the underbelly of hell and Kwiat Pustki stands tall, bloody and ready to unleash destruction on the world. Both tracks stunningly layered with enlightening melodies and eye-watering heaviness although the latter is a personal favourite. Thanks to its incredibly dark tone and rhythmic verses.

The mellow guitar strumming and sound of rain in no way prepares you for the Sztorm before the title track eases things. The eerie and off-kilter guitar play uncomfortably dark for over 5 minutes before Voidfire erupt with one final heavy push.

A contender for best black metal album of 2020 for sure.

Voidfire – Ogień Pustki Full Track Listing:

1. Bladość
2. Światło-Cierń
3. –
4. Kwiat Pustki
5. Sztorm
6. Ogień Pustki




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Voidfire - Ogień Pustki (Self Released)
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