Album Review: Void Ritual – Death is Peace (Ipos Music)

Daniel Jackson creates black metal out of Albuquerque, NM under the name Void Ritual. The debut album, Heretical Wisdom was released on August 18th 2017 via Throats Productions on CD and Tridroid Records on Cassette. We thought it was great and you can read our review here.

On August 3rd 2018 Void Ritual will release Death is Peace, the first of two full length albums to be released this year, via the newly-launched digital label Ipos Music. All revenue the album generates will be donated to The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women.

Void Ritual 2

Opening peacefully with strumming guitar melody, it doesn’t take long for Void Ritual to unleash a torrent of barrage metal noise as the pace quickens on Given Unto the Water. Transforming into a vicious but guitar-led number, the howling vocals that sit in the background adding an extra seam of shade.

Showing an ear for rhythmic metal that isn’t always a major driving force behind black metal, Void Ritual deliver a really effective listen with the title track and The Howling Darkness. The former delves into the ritualistic depths while the latter rages with powerful riffs and disjointed hooks.

It’s great to see that a year later, Void Ritual hasn’t lost any of that fire or passion that made Hereitcal Wisdom such an excellent listen. Dead is Peace is certainly a worthy follow up and a track like A Sunless Dawn better most of what was on that album.

The level of detail in this track is astonishing and proof that being heavy for heavy’s sake is not necessary. One of the best Void Ritual tracks I’ve heard.

Keeping the quality high, Death is Peace ends with a double header of The Depths and Loss (Pt. 1). Both perfect accompaniments to the thumping rhythm and black metal evilness heard so far. Of the two it’s truly Loss (Pt. 1) that shows just how far ahead of the pack Void Ritual are.

Void Ritual 1

Void Ritual – Death is Peace Full Track Listing:

1. Given Unto the Water
2. Death Is Peace
3. The Howling Darkness
4. A Sunless Dawn
5. In The Depths
6. Loss (Pt. I)

You can order the album via Bandcamp here and earlier Void Ritual music here. Find out more over on Facebook.


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Void Ritual - Death is Peace (Ipos Music)
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