Album Review: Void of Sleep – Metaphora (Aural Music)

Void of Sleep will release Metaphora via Aural Music on March 27th 2020. A seven-track opus thrusting forth a cosmic amalgam of stoned out and progressive sludge rock.

The Famine Years begins Metaphora with softly plucked guitars and an eerie effect in the background. Serving more as an intro, it briefly warbles at the end before Iron Mouth literally explodes into life. There’s a thick richness to the riffs but not so much that you could easily point at this and say it’s a sludge track. It’s an early example of of how Void of Sleep challenge the status-quo of the genre by pushing a lot more progressive elements to the forefront.

There is nothing straightforward about this track (just wait for the mellow drop in tempo) or the rest of the album.

Case in point, Waves of Discomort is around 3 minutes of otherworldly sounds that drop in atmosphere and proves to be surprisingly emotional. It’s utterly unexpected but yet works so well in context of the album. It’s almost relaxing if it wasn’t for the undercurrent of darkness that makes the joints ache.

As it disappears into the void, Unfair Judgements delivers a smashing level of filth-ridden doominess. Only made calmer by the eerie clean vocals and more relaxed tempo. Void of Sleep drift between the two styles expertly here. A fantastic piece of music, tie it to the former track and we have one of the best things heard this year.

Continuing to challenge, it’s fun to hear Void of Sleep go a little crazier with the scalding heat of Master Abuser. A standout heavy track from the band proving that even they can just let rip when they want.

That demon now expelled, Modern Man is a lot more relaxed but is certainly not lacking in bite either. The guitars having the teeth to tear chunks out of the body, while consistently testing the mettle of listeners with some oddities.

Even before the finale of Tides of the Mourning arrives, Void of Sleep have done everything possible to give themselves an album of the year contender. However, this 10+ minute wonder is the most effective way to have everyone nodding in agreement with the previous statement.

An effort that crosses through so many peaks and valleys. The highs and lows of the melodies, the errant way in which they dive into a more exaggerated metal rhythm and the sonic challenge of trying to keep up with a wild array of ideas. It’s special.

Void of Sleep – Metaphora Full Track Listing:

1. The Famine Years
2. Iron Mouth
3. Waves of Discomfort
4. Unfair Judgements
5. Master Abuser
6. Modern Man
7. Tides of the Mourning




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Void of Sleep - Metaphora (Aural Music)
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