Album Review: Vltimas – EPIC (Season of Mist)

Extreme metal powerhouse Vltimas (pronounced ‘uhl-tuh-mas’) assault metaldom once more with their highly-anticipated sophomore album, ‘EPIC’. Out on March 15th, 2024, via Season of Mist.

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You gotta love an album title that sums up the listening experience perfectly. EPIC in name, and EPIC in nature. Vltimas’ sound sits on the more extreme side of metal, but it is layered with lavish atmosphere, is packed with riffs, and has a surprising amount of catchy groove. Yet it is extreme metal, with a thick blackened death metal vein running through it.

Beginning with an abrasive sounding intro called Volens Discordant, Vltimas build up a sense of discomfort and then take that into even darker depth with the title track. Straight away, those riffs are going to get everyone’s attention, and that’s before you take the meaty drumming and howling vocals into account. When all the power of Vltimas combines, they are simply untouchable, and music this dark shouldn’t be this appealing.

Vltimas make appealing heaviness though, and EPIC has a lot to enjoy as it goes on. Things speeding up significantly with Miserere and Exercitus Irae. You’ll be wowed by the vocals, amazed by the guitars, and stunned by the drumming. To say Vltimas are on creative form is an understatement, and they continue to prove just how strong they are as a group with the devilish wickedness of Mephisto Manifesto. There might not be a track that sounds this evil anywhere else on the album, and like a lot of evil things, it is deliciously appealing.

From such a track to something that is pure blackened death metal intensity as Scorcher is, Vltimas certainly keep the listener engaged. While it might be ‘simpler’ as far as heaviness and speed goes, it is still a highly imaginative effort with savage instrumentals. Then there is Invictus, a crashing and smashing beast that compels movement. It’s absurdly infectious, all while being crunchy as hell, and featuring some of the nastiest vocal parts. Before Nature’s Fangs delivers a groovy head-banger to make even the coldest heart beat faster.

How about Spoils of War though as finale? Vltimas reaching into their large bag of tricks to bring out the album’s grandest effort of all. A finale that lives up to the album title emphatically, ending the incredible journey in really satisfying fashion.

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Vltimas – EPIC Track Listing:

1. Volens Discordant
3. Miserere
4. Exercitus Irae
5. Mephisto Manifesto
6. Scorcher
7. Invictus
8. Nature’s Fangs
9. Spoils of War


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Vltimas - EPIC (Season of Mist)
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