Album Review: Vision of Choice – Mistress of the Gods (ZOUNDR/Fencesound)

Vision of Choice is a German metal project influenced by such genre classics as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Omen, Malice and Chastain (to name a few), and featuring the rich baritone performance of vocalist Lukas Remus (Epilirium) with the soaring harmonic guitars of multi-instrumentalist/composer Steve Brockmann (AIRS – A Rock Opera).

The band’s debut album, “Mistress of the Gods”, is a collection of 11 songs that form a loose conceptual narrative around the adventures of an archaeologist’s son, a throwback to Metal’s adventures in the wastelands with the ancient gods.

The release date is February 14th 2020 through ZOUNDR/Fencesound.

It would be a lie to say that Vision of Choice’s debut wasn’t a throwback album. A glowing tribute to the heyday of classic heavy metal where everything felt larger then life. A time less complicated but jammed packed with enormous riffs, hyper solos, hard-hitting drums and energetic singing.

That is exactly what we get here with Mistress of the Gods and it is so much fun. An endless series of head-banging sing-alongs delivered by a band capable of sounding fresh and classic at the same time.

Tracks like New Horizon, Into the Light, Hold Your Head High and Touch the Sky have all the bombastic-ness that metal dreams are made of. The kind that lifts the spirits and puts big smiles across the face.

There’s nothing here that is particularly ground-breaking but that’s ok because it’s not supposed to be. Instead what it sets out to do, it does so very well. 11 tracks of punchy, groovy and feel-good heavy metal by a pair of seriously talented musicians. What isn’t there to like?

Vision of Choice – Mistress of the Gods Full Track Listing:

1. New Horizon
2. Come Tomorrow
3. Shine
4. Into the Light
5. Endlessly
6. Hold Your Head High
7. Mistress of the Gods
8. Given it Up
9. Gates of Evermore
10. Hold On
11. Touch the Sky




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Vision of Choice - Mistress of the Gods (ZOUNDR/Fencesound)
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