Album Review: Visceral – The Tree of Venomous Fruit (Raging Planet Records)

Visceral have one foot engrained in old school death-metal and the other one firmly placed in the more extreme and darker side of the genre. Their debut album ‘The Tree of Venomous Fruit’ will be released on November 18th, 2022, via Raging Planet Records.

Visceral by name, visceral by nature. This debut album is packed with ferocity and speed. From the word ‘go’, it becomes a maelstrom of brutal death metal with a sickeningly blackened tone. With enough venom to make your innards quiver, Visceral make it abundantly clear, this is an all or nothing record.

Pouring all their anger, bile, and frustration into every element. There’s a gluttonous amount of death metal sprayed about, where the cavernous edge that the darker and blacker side brings, enhancing the feelings of revulsion. If the furious heaviness doesn’t get you, the speed will. Visceral have a hyperactive amount of energy and they breeze through these tracks with punk spirit.

The meat and potatoes of this album is death metal, but the sauce is black, and it tastes delicious. It’s what gives this album so much more flavour and ensures it doesn’t just become another run of the mill aggressive slice of death metal destruction. Which it is, aside from being run of the mill, and that’s nothing to complain about. The talents of Visceral obliterate the mind and pulverise the flesh. If that’s not enough to make this necessary listening, we don’t know what is.

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A fresh injection of death metal is always welcome, and The Tree of Venomous Fruit has that to offer. Inject it directly into your veins, even if the poison will cause some serious long-term issues when it comes to listening to ‘lesser’ offerings.



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Visceral - The Tree of Venomous Fruit (Raging Planet Records)
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