Album Review: VileDriver – Primary (CDN Records)

VileDriver are a three-piece powerhouse of technical death metal due to release their new album, Primary on December 15th 2017 via CDN Records.

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It’s hard to not be impressed by the raging nature of Viledriver as they spit crushing technical death metal out at a rate that seems inhuman at times. A lesson in sonic ruination, the chaotic style of their new album Primary is simply glorious to hear as tracks like Gnaw Your Tongue & Embedded in Stone deliver clinical catchiness in the riffs.

Primary is 7 tracks long and about 27 minutes in length meaning there is a real urgency to the record. Unrelenting is the word that comes to mind; the riffs are constant, the feral guttural vocals unforgiving & the rhythm anarchic, but so appealing.

The pounding heaviness is no better exemplified then on the challenging but impressive Frightener.

VileDriver have dropped a banger of a record here, one that continues to challenge up until the final note. Any time things begin to feel like they’re blending into one another, a smart time-change takes place to keep everything sounding fresh.

Primary closes out with one final hard push, one that has just a touch of melody too. Your Religion Has Failed You ensuring the album ends as strongly as it begun.

VileDriver 2

VileDriver – Primary Full Track Listing:

1. Gnaw Your Tongue
2. Embedded in Stone
3. Gates of Horn and Ivory
4. Frightener
5. Gagrag
6. Fleemarkt
7. Your Religion Has Failed You

You can pick up the album over on CDN Records here. Find out more about VileDriver on their Facebook Page.


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VileDriver - Primary (CDN Records)
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