Album Review: Veritas – Silent Script (Sliptrick Records)

Hard rock and metal band Veritas are back with a high-powered head-banger called ‘Silent Script.’ The band’s new album will be released on August 22nd, 2023, via Sliptrick Records.

Expecting more of the same from Veritas? Prepare to be surprised! To some degree. The heavy hard rockers and metal band have dug around and found a collection of tracks that showcase a fresh and exciting level of progressive sounds. All while sounding suitably them, with their blend of hard rock groove and metal head-banging rhythms.

An excitable start with the punchy energy of Limit, leads to the groovy sounding Creation Groans, before Grind Away showcases some hammering drum beats and exciting guitar progression. The latter is one of the heavier sounding Veritas tracks and it really suits them.

What doesn’t suit as much, is when they go more melodic as they do with Buried. It’s nice enough with plenty of passion in the vocals, but it’s just a little boring. Thankfully, it’s a short one and Unchained corrects the course with a scathing showcase of heavy groove, where a wicked guitar solo particularly stands out.

Then it’s something faster and more intense with None Enslaved, Veritas calling back to old-school days of heavy metal for a screaming head-banger with a big, melodic chorus. Before Betraying Sight gets a bit more experimental with cinematic touches, Oxygen continues to push progressive metal ideas to the forefront, and More Than I Can Say combines trippy melodies with robust rock rhythm. It’s always exciting to hear Veritas experiment with their sound.

It’s what keeps the interest high as Silent Script drifts towards its end. The final trio of tracks; One People, Somniloquy, and Modulate, all offering up variety in heavy rock and metal soundscapes. Veritas’ progressive ideas still showcased, but tentatively here and there, so as not to overshadow the overall goal of anthemic highs. A goal that Veritas comfortably reach here.

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Veritas – Silent Script Track Listing:

1. Limit
2. Creation Groans
3. Grind Away
4. Buried
5. Unchained
6. None Enslaved
7. Betraying Sight
8. Oxygen
9. More Than I Can Say
10. One People
11. Somniloquy
12. Modulate


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Veritas - Silent Script (Sliptrick Records)
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