Album Review: Venom Prison – Primeval (Prosthetic Records)

Death metal trailblazers, Venom Prison, have announced a new release titled, Primeval. Out via Prosthetic Records on October 9th 2020. The 11-track album will feature re-recordings of tracks from their early EPs, Defy The Tyrant and Primal Chaos, as well as two brand new tracks.

Since 2016, Venom Prison have gone from strength to strength; debut full length Animus catapulted them into the consciousness and record collections of discerning death metal fans the world over. Their follow up release, Samsara, solidified them as a serious force to be reckoned with in the world of metal, paving the way for a string of high profile shows and festival slots around the globe. On Primeval, they revisit the earliest days of the band, capturing the same intensity and visceral energy they possessed from day one and adding an additional layer of sophistication to their sound by re-recording, re-mixing and re-mastering those old favourites with producer Tom Dring in late 2019. The artwork is once again handled masterfully by Eliran Kantor.

Of their decision to revisit their earliest tracks, the band say:

Primeval is a snapshot of the earlier days of Venom Prison, simpler times where we locked ourselves in a room for days on end to create the early incarnation of what would be our first collection of songs. Our first release/demo Defy The Tyrant was subsequently born, and we never thought this would lead onto being picked up by Prosthetic Records or touring the world. This became a starting gun for touring and festivals in between the studio to write, including what would become The Primal Chaos. Given the current climate and the global pandemic situation we felt it was appropriate to package together our early material so that it is presented in a form of how it was always intended.

This is what you hear now. Our previous EP’s plus two new tracks to give you an idea of what is to come in future. Our new chapter awaits, the grind must continue.

We love Venom Prison and consider them one of the bright stars of the modern death metal scene but just like many bands before them, they didn’t come from nowhere. Two EPs, both released in 2015 make up the bulk of this release. The first being called Defy the Tyrant and covering the first five tracks. A staggeringly brutal release that is as eye-opening now as it was in 2015. The early days of Venom Prison re-recorded to destroy modern listeners, the crushing and eerie Life Suffer and the savage anti-Christianity themes of the title track being the standout moments.

The four tracks of the second EP, The Primal Chaos make up the bulk of the second half and to the surprise of no-one finds Venom Prison spitting out chaos in their unbelievably vicious way. Babylon the Whore, Daemon Vulgaris, Narcotic and the title track showcasing just why this band have risen to such prominence in the death metal world.

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Now, though it’s time to focus on the future and where Venom Prison are going next with two brand new tracks. The first is Defiant to the Will of God and it is progression while still being undoubtedly Venom Prison as furious as always. Although the twang of clean chords that crop up near the end are something of a surprise.

The second, Slayer of Holofernes is a much more effecting offering as Venom Prison bounce between styles while remaining rooted in the heaviest of heavy. With a bit of a banger chorus, ringing post-like guitars and a varied vocal style, this is a real killer end.

Venom Prison – Primeval Full Track Listing:

1. Usurper Of The Throne
2. Life Suffer
3. Mortal Abomination
4. Path Of Exile
5. Defy The Tyrant
6. Babylon The Whore
7. Daemon Vulgaris
8. Narcotic
9. The Primal Chaos
10. Defiant To The Will Of God
11. Slayer Of Holofernes


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