Album Review: Valdrin – Two Carrion Talismans (Blood Harvest/Regain Records)

Hailing Hailing from Ohio, Valdrin formed in 2010 with the intent to play a unique form of black/death metal using a lyrical concept called the “Ausadjur Mythos.” This story combines many aspects of various ancient mythologies and occult practices, all synthesized into one grandiose tale, told through the eyes of the protagonist Valdrin Ausadjur.

The second tale is called Two Carrion Talismans and will be released on September 28th 2018 via Blood Harvest / Regain Records.

Valdrin 2

A death metal record at its core, Valdrin offer plenty more than your standard heavy brutality. Two Carrion Talismans is every bit the journey it promises to be utilising elements from the black metal side of things while throwing in a certain amount of the mystical with smart usage of synth.

An attention grabbing start comes from Junnatox and Nex – The Barren Sculptor, a pair of tracks that have you dangling over the edge of a pit filled with darkness. You know death awaits but you’re drawn to it anyway because it has an unrestrained beauty.

Sinews of Blood and Vein increases the feeling of wonder with synth-infusion, intense drumming, crunching riffs and filthy bleak vocals. If you need an example of what makes Valdrin more then just a story-telling band, it’s this track.

Funeral Tides of Orcus brings guitar hooks of the highest order in a track that threatens to spiral out of control, Tempest Torn Asunder is a torrential downpour of rage and Vespair in the Animus Lair increasingly pushes the boundaries of mystical heaviness.

It’s bloody great. You stare into the void and it stares right back at you. With one final push, Valdrin cap their impressive second release off with a final dark effort. One that exudes wonder and horror. It’s not the final track, that being the 2-minute melody outro of Awaiting in the Spirit Genome…

Valdrin 1

Valdrin – Two Carrion Talismans Full Track Listing:

1. Junnatox
2. Nex – The Barren Sculptor
3. Sinews of Blood and Vein
4. Funeral Tides of Orcus
5. Tempest Torn Asunder
6. Vespair in the Animus Lair
7. Crimson Blades Ausadjur
8. Awaiting in the Spirit Genome…

You can pick up the album now via Bandcamp and find out more about Valdrin over on Facebook.

Valdrin - Two Carrion Talismans (Blood Harvest/Regain Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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