Album Review: UR – Black Vortex (Arachnophobia Records)

Following the well-received EP ‘Hail Death’, black/heavy metal act UR will be releasing their debut full-length album, ‘Black Vortex’ via Arachnophobia Records on the 22nd December 2017.

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An album filed with aggressive, primitive anthems of hatred about human greed, materialism and stupidity. It’s no surprise that the title track begins things off in heavy style. A nasty & visceral assault on the senses, it gets things started strongly.

Black Spark & We Are Mortal continue the dark & tribal like black metal sound perfectly before Shed My Skin increases the feeling of encroaching darkness with a psalm of pure disgust. That The Beckoning Silence then slows things down doesn’t dent the impact this album is having. UR just see it as an opportunity to lay some doom on the listener.

There are few negative points during Black Vortex. Every time UR reach boiling point within the heavier rhythm they change things up just enough to keep your attention. The triple header of Cleansing by Fire, The Goddess of the World & the final track Oblivion all offerings of different lusciousness at the altar of black metal.

A genuinely brilliant album.

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UR – Black Vortex Full Track Listing:

1. Black Vortex
2. Black Spark
3. We Are Mortal
4. Shed My Skin
5. The Beckoning Silence
6. The Last Feast
7. Cleansing by Fire
8. The Goddess of the World
9. Oblivion

You can order the album via Arachnophobia Records’ website & pick up UR’s releases on their Bandcamp. Find out more about the band on Facebook.


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UR - Black Vortex (Arachnophobia Records)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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