Album Review: Undead – Putrefactio (Redefining Darkness Records)

Spanish death metal band, Undead, will release their sophomore full length album, Putrefactio (meaning ‘Rotten’), on May 5th, 2023, via Redefining Darkness Records.

With a gory lathering of horror, Undead unveil their latest monstrosity, Putrefactio. Extolling the virtues of death metal through their own sickening style of intensity. Ten tracks, ten tomes of revulsion, and ten reasons to join them in an orgy of blood and guts.

It’s a Feast for the Worms and they are mightily hungry, Undead’s garish death metal heaviness is on manic display. The group making a strong statement with old-school inspirations fused with a modern approach. Something relevant to the entirety of the album as they hit harder and faster with Intermediate State of Reality and Zugzwang. It’s an inferno of chaotic heaviness with a delicious amount of infectious horror layered throughout.

It’s that what makes the album so listenable regardless of its extreme leanings. Undead are adept at delivering emancipating death metal, riotous even. Compelling listeners to give themselves to the blaze as Demons of a Thousand Lies, Serpent’s Gift, Discordia, and Last Dark Age spit, snarl, and spew destruction and devastation with empathic force.

At no point does this album ever stop smouldering and that works to Undead’s advantage as each fresh blast of vitriol snaps the listener out of any potential fugue state caused by the unending death metal slaughter.

It ensures the final section of the album; The Call of the Void, Mortificatio, and the title track have as much horrifying impact as those at the start.

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Undead – Putrefactio Track Listing:

1. Feast for the Worms
2. Intermediate State of Reality
3. Zugzwang
4. Demon of a Thousand Lies
5. Serpent’s Gift
6. Discordia
7. Last Dark Age
8. The Call of the Void
9. Mortificatio
10. Putrefactio


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Undead - Putrefactio (Redefining Darkness Records)
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