Album Review: U-FOES – Whiteout (Marw Melodee Music)

From the ashes of the Norwegian hardcore act Silence the Foe, little U-FOES rise. They are only three people with one guitar, drums and vocals, but paradoxically even more hard-hitting. U-FOES sounds like as if Melvins, Torche and Slayer, drunk on absinth, had a bastard child, and left it in the forest to die.

Guitarist Marcus Forsgren (The Lionheart Brothers, Jaga Jazzist, Bror Forsgren) and one of indie-Norway most devastating drummers Peter Rudolfsen (TLB) together with singer Anders Voldrønning (Shevils) delivers heavy, irascible, slow, and gutting music.

U-FOES debut album, Whiteout will be released on the 2nd of November via Marw Melodee Music.

Making an absolute racket, Ice Queen’s screeching guitar riffs sit at the fore-front of the track creating an oppressive wall of noise. What really adds weight to it and the following track are the hardcore heavy vocals. They really come forward during the short slab of heaviness that is No More No More before Blessed Are the Deaf aims to leave you feeling that little more hard of hearing with it’s ear-aching doomy approach.

There is some real variety on Whiteout with U-FOES switching effortlessly between slow, nasty tunes and raging hardcore parties. The Getaway and Massive Star are examples of the latter, songs to shake you to your core.

Whiteout is consistently impressive as it keeps you on edge wondering just what will come next. No matter the approach of U-FOES though you can guarantee that it will be steeped in pure fury and bludgeoning heaviness. Wrapping up with the thrum of rumbling bass, a down-tuned guitar and mind-numbing slowness of The Neverending End.

Whiteout 1

U-FOES – Whiteout Full Track Listing:

1. Ice Queen
2. No More No More
3. Blessed Are the Deaf
4. The Getaway
5. Massive Star
6. Lies Refined a Thousand Times
7. Identity Lost
8. The Neverending End

You can find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out U-FOES’ website and Facebook Page. You can stream and listen to released songs already on Spotify, Tidal and iTunes.


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U-FOES - Whiteout (Marw Melodee Music)
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