Album Review: Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness (Self Released)

UK party metallers, Twelve Boar (originally called XII Boar) will release their third full length album, No Forgiveness on September 8th 2017 independently.

Twelve Boar 1

Don’t let the ‘party band’ moniker put you off, Twelve Boar are a band that combine fun & compulsive rhythm with solid riffs & a bluesy stoner sound that is ear-pleasingly good.

Steppin’ Up drops quality stoner grove riffs that are as catchy as the common cold, Golden Goose surprises with rapping vocals & a really meaty chorus before The Curtain Call ups the tempo with a song that has a bit of the Motörheads about it.

As an opening set of songs, it’s instantly clear that there is plenty of imagination & invention going on here. That’s further cemented by the bluesy rock stylings of the title track. No Forgiveness is a wonderfully uplifting & smile-inducing number that keeps the fun aspect but really shows of the musicianship within Twelve Boar.

“No forgiveness, there ain’t no shame”

At the halfway point it seems as though Twelve Boar decided they hadn’t jammed enough riffs into the record so far so set about rectifying that on the exceedingly good, Snakes on a Lead. Upbeat & played at a breakneck speed, it’s an incredibly accomplished piece of work.

A description that can accurately describe the whole album. All the Heavy Griftin’ lays the stoner vibe on thickly, the short western vibe of Panama is a nice change before things finish off strongly with the fist-pumping & head-bangingly good Hellspeed Truckin’.

What a damn fine record.

Twelve Boar 2

Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness Full Track Listing:

1. Steppin’ Up
2. Golden Goose
3. The Curtain Call
4. No Forgiveness
5. Elders From the Deep
6. Snakes on a Lead
7. All the Heavy Griftin’
8. Panama
9. Hellspeed Truckin’

Head over to Twelve Boar’s website, Big Cartel & Bandcamp to order the album, earlier music & merchandise. Check out the band over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.


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Twelve Boar - No Forgiveness (Self Released)
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