Album Review: Tristwood – Blackcrowned Majesty (Self Released)

Tristwood emerge from the deepest parts of the Austrian underground where they have existed for almost 20 years.

An amalgamation of avant-garde music and sounds, Tristwood have released their latest body of work called ‘Blackcrowned Majesty’.

Strip back all the layers and at their core Tristwood play black metal. A fast, intense and somewhat abusive style of black metal. However, it’s those layers that make the difference and lift this album up to higher heights. More memorable and more effective heights.

The brutality is enhanced by their rough and crude approach to the systematic battering but many will be used to this. What they won’t be so used to is the smattering of industrial elements and grindcore noise. Somehow Tristwood making this madness sound almost convincing.

It’s messy, of course it is, but it’s supposed to be this way and with that in mind, Blackcrowned Majesty is just something that can certainly call itself unique.

Tristwood – Blackcrowned Majesty Full Track Listing:

1. Re-Enthronement of the Damned
2. He Who Traversed A Greater Oblivion
3. A Blackcrowned Majesty
4. Her Wraith Through Stygonian Lands
5. The Hall of Rauthra’s Fate
6. Acherontic Deathcult
7. Bone Cathedral
8. Nightshade Eternal




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Tristwood – Blackcrowned Majesty (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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