Album Review: Trick Or Treat – The Legend of the XII Saints (Scarlet Records)

12 epic songs for 12 legendary knights, one for every zodiac’s sign! This time, Trick or Treat were looking for something new and different, something that they have never done before: a concept-album freely inspired by the ‘Saint Seya’ anime, and more precisely The Legend of the 12 Gold Saints of the Zodiac saga. Each song is a monographic work that delves into the personality of the knights and the compelling plot that binds all the characters to the goddess Athena.

On their long-awaited sixth studio album the happy metal crusaders have once again managed to forge an epic and entertaining sonic tale, enriched by majestic orchestrations, refined arrangements and catchy refrains. The Legend of the XII Saints is going to be available starting from April 24th 2020 via Scarlet Records.

What a momentous power metal effort we have here.

It’s a long one, a really long one but absolutely delivers on its bombastic promise with riffs bathed in steel, classically clean and soaring vocals, bass that thrums with vibrant life and drums that encourage the wildest of head bangs.

Bursting with life, ARIES – Stardust Revolution’s guitar solo is pure class before TAURUS – Great Horn takes a meatier approach to the tempo. Two different but equally as powerful tracks to to start The Legend of the XII Saints off on a high.

A high that just increases with the galloping groove of GEMINI – Another Dimension, the vocals are belted out here and it’s pretty incredible. The same can be said for the drums on CANCER – Underworld Wave and the guitars on LEO – Lightning Plasma. The latter giving us yet another ripping solo.

We then a darker and moodier effort with VIRGO – Tenbu Horin, a track that makes grand use of synth. LIBRA – One Hundred Dragons Force doesn’t stray too far from the horn-throwing and head-banging metal style Trick or Treat have delivered so far. Although the touch of folkish violin is welcome.

Now in the latter half of the album, the epic energy is still there for SCORPIO – Scarlet Needle but if you’re after a little variety, SAGITTARIUS – Golden Arrow’s melodic mellowness will provide. A power metal ballad, it’s a welcome change of pace.

Although the traditional pacy rhythm and energy of Trick or Treat is back with force for CAPRICORN – Excalibur and AQUARIUS – Diamond Dust.

The 12 then wraps up with the gorgeous melodies of PISCES – Bloody Rose, a classy end to the concept but not the actual finale. No, that is Last Hour (The Redemption), a super-soft outro that is dripping in emotion.

They did it. Somehow they have turned this concept into something so powerful and so utterly thrilling. Brilliant.

Trick or Treat – The Legend of the XII Saints Full Track Listing:

1. Ave Athena
2. ARIES – Stardust Revolution
3. TAURUS – Great Horn
4. GEMINI – Another Dimension
5. CANCER – Underworld Wave
6. LEO – Lightning Plasma
7. VIRGO – Tenbu Horin
8. LIBRA – One Hundred Dragons Force
9. SCORPIO – Scarlet Needle
10. SAGITTARIUS – Golden Arrow
11. CAPRICORN – Excalibur
12. AQUARIUS – Diamond Dust
13. PISCES – Bloody Rose
14. Last Hour (The Redemption)


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Trick Or Treat - The Legend of the XII Saints (Scarlet Records)
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