Album Review: Trevor’s Head – A View from Below (APF Records)

Combining punk, stoner rock, and prog, the power-trio that is Trevor’s Head will release their new album, A View from Below, on May 5th, 2023, via APF Records.

Always guaranteed to bring us something special, Trevor’s Head are back and with something that hits all expectations, and then some.

Sending the mind into dreamy prog-infused locales, before jerking it back with force as they up the heavy ante, Call of the Deep is a weird and wonderful start to the album. The excitement is high and that continues into the groovy and head-banging Under my Skin. A barnburner of a track with rocking energy, thumping stoner meatiness, and imaginative melodic layers. Two impressive offerings, and two strong tracks to start this album off with.

Then it’s time for something a bit faster, and a bit wilder with Grape Fang, before Trevor’s Head lean into more ambient and melodic areas with the enchanting sound of Elio. A track that showcases a lot of what makes this band a progressive giant in their field, but is also extremely pretty and emotive. Who would have expected something like this? Especially as the tone shifts around the halfway point and suddenly, it transforms into a vigorous head-banger.

With groovy intentions, the spirit of punk, and a huge amount of talent to make the experience of Rumspringa one to remember, Trevor’s Head continue to delight as the album reaches its latter stages. Following up that spry and pithy hit with a bit more chaos in the form of the empathic What Got Stuck. The vocals are extremely good here, especially when two voices combine. It also happens to be a track tinged with peculiar, but interesting, instrumental twists and turns.

Finally it’s A True Gentleman, a track of high-powered heavy rock and punk noise, and Don’t Make Me Ask, a track filled with groovy oomph, massive melodies. and no end of infectiousness energy. Trevor’s Head ending their new album as they begun, in remarkable fashion.

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Trevor’s Head – A View from Below Track Listing:

1. Call of the Deep
2. Under My Skin
3. Grape Fang
4. Elio
5. Rumspringa
6. What Got Stuck
7. A True Gentleman
8. Don’t Make Me Ask


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Trevor’s Head - A View from Below (APF Records)
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