Album Review: Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity Records)

One of the most highly awaited albums on Transcending Obscurity Records this year is of Trench Warfare who shocked listeners with their raging blend of black and death metal.

They’re not holding anything back and vomiting forth their vile music with all the force they can muster. It’s a diabolical concoction of all that what makes this style work while adding an element of darkness and unpredictability to make them stand apart from their ilk. With a brilliant artwork from Misanthropic Art, the vision of the band is made clear and their ill-feelings towards major religions without discrimination is palpable through their music. Witness the sonic devastation that this new band is capable of and cower in fear at its overarching intent.

Hatred Prayer is out on August 9th 2019.

Trench 2

Are you feeling in a particular foul mood? Feeling like the world hates you and you hate it? Well, Trench Warfare have an album to match your mood. A spiteful and hateful album, that rages and snarls with pure disgust aimed at everyone and everything regardless of who or what it is.

It’s harsh on the ears. It’s harsh on the mind but like most depraved stuff, has a curious appeal that calls to the primal beast in all.

Hatred Prayer is blackened death metal dialled up to a level that is almost unfathomable. It’s a brutal sound of crashing percussion, sickly heavy riffs and a vocal style that is a mixture of demonic horror and the sound of a drain being unblocked.

Picking specific tracks to highlight is not easy as the album moves from one guttural beast to another with very little to differentiate between them. We do get varying tempos here and there, moving from raging fire to the heftier slabs of heaviness. Each switch vague but noticeable enough provided your brain hasn’t begun to melt under the pure power that Trench Warfare exudes.

It’s a marmite album. Most will either love it or hate it. It’s incredibly rough and raw but not without merit.

Trench 1

Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer Full Track Listing:

1. Decimate Legions
2. Spare No Wrath
3. Axioms
4. Barbarous Temperament
5. Astral Projection
6. Evil Shall Triumph
7. Behead Muhammad
8. Young Lord
9. New Lord
10. Blood Cleansing
11. Sate Thy Lust
12. Hatred Prayer




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Trench Warfare - Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity Records)
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