Album Review: TRAPS – Life vs Death (Split with Oriza)

Hailing from Kent in England (local lads to us!), TRAPS (The Red and Purple Songs) are a noise rock/metal band about to release a split album called Life vs. Death alongside Oriza. Side A is all about TRAPS and the entire split will be released on February 8th 2019.


The sound of someone slamming their unmentionables in a door is what introduces us to TRAPS. The scream of pain and suffering is brief but brutal letting us know just how raw their half of the split album is going to be.

…and it is. As raw as a fresh burn across 6 short tracks of unusual and intriguing noise.

As is often the case with music that follows this formula, there is no question that you have to be willing to really give it time. The layers spread throughout the sound of hyper intensity, softer crooning segments and far more rhythm then you’d expect.

These aren’t easily digestible tracks. They’re not body movers. You’re not going to hear these pumped out of a speaker at a club. Instead you’re more likely to hear them as the elevator music that is taking you to the circles of hell.

Batten down the hatches, pour yourself a nice drink and lock the pets away because TRAPS are coming your way.


TRAPS: Side A – Life vs. Death Track Listing:

1. My Synthetic Chemical Will Last Longer Than This Tree
2. Joe Bloggs Destroyed The Atmosphere
3. Doe Jane
4. Good Morning Tomorrow’s Sky
5. Honey Grape
6. E-Waste And Toxic Fumes That Make Stacey’s Face Look Decrepit

Find out more and keep up to date by checking out TRAPS’ Facebook Page.

TRAPS - Life vs Death (Split with Oriza)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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