Album Review: Total Annihilation – …On Chains of Doom (Czar Of Crickets Productions)

In order to smash up the local music scene, four enthusiastic metalheads joined forces in September 2006 to become Basel’s rawest metal band. Named Total Annihilation, Czar of Crickets is going to concentrate the band’s forces with the release of “…On Chains Of Doom” in the beginning of 2020. to prove that scene integrity, musical development and powerful thrash metal can surely fit together without ever forgetting its roots.

Total Annihilation’s third album is out on February 7th 2020.

Living up their name, the wall of news stories expelling impending doom for us all at the start of Falling Fast is a sobering intro. Happily, Total Annihilation have the tonic for us all to drown our sorrows in. A tonic made up of ferocious thrash noise, as worryingly intense as climate change.

With the cries of suffering, sweet suffering Reborn in Flesh brings the pain, Total Annihilation spitting out riffs like flood waters. While Iron Coffin is the filth and death that is left behind as the water’s recede.

With guttural gusto, Dead Souls, the title track and Experience the Terror keep the thrash focus on point. As the title track states, “run for your life”. Good advice as Total Annihilation are the flame that will cleanse the world.

Already confirmed as one of the thrash greats of 2020, Tunnelratten and Black Blood are just formalities. Damn good ones though!

Total Annihilation – …On Chains of Doom Full Track Listing:

1. Falling Fast
2. Reborn in Flesh
3. Iron Coffin
4. Dead Souls
5. …On Chains of Doom
6. Experience the Terror
7. Tunnelratten
8. Black Blood




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Total Annihilation - ...On Chains of Doom (Czar Of Crickets Productions)
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