Album Review: Torn The Fuck Apart – Kill.Bury.Repeat. (Gore House Productions)

Brutal death metal band Torn the Fuck Apart will release their brand-new album ‘Kill.Bury.Repeat.’ on October 6th, 2023 via Gore House Productions. A collection of horror stories taken directly from their imaginations and inspired by true events.

With grim and guttural intent, Torn the Fuck Apart take no prisoners here. Sticking rigidly to the brutal death metal formula, but also infusing the album with a level of horror that makes for a bloodcurdling listen.

Corrosive Form gets this gory party started in ferocious style, a flesh ripping showcase of speed and heaviness. The nuances of the guitars adding some extra sharp edges to the experience. Followed then by meaty carnage with A Statement of Malicious Intent, a garish head-banger in the form of Something Went Wrong, and the horrific, but amusingly anthemic, Stuck in the Trunk.

You’ll feel like you are in your own personal horror movie, and like their name suggests, this is a fucking nasty release.

Case in point, Submerged in Human Compost. A track with some of Torn the Fuck Apart’s most frenzied riffing and drumming. Or the title track’s thick vein of wickedness that gives the album a fresher feel. Then there is Dead but Delicious, a track that stomps and grooves with impressive brutal power. Head-banging is not a request, it’s a bloody requirement.

Not done with the flaying, tearing, and bloodletting? Neither are Torn the Fuck Apart and with Autopsy Report (Inconclusive) and Scratch the Bone they deliver some of their most chaotic and ugly pieces of music yet. There’s little to complain about though, it’s more enjoyable viciousness from a band that excels at being malicious.

Wrapping up the album is a quality cover of Unleashing the Bloodthirsty by Cannibal Corpse. An obvious band for Torn the Fuck Apart to go to, seeing as the death metal legends will have surely influenced a lot of what they do. It’s a satisfying finish to one of 2023’s most brutal releases.

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Torn the Fuck Apart – Kill.Bury.Repeat. Track Listing:

1. Corrosive Form
2. A Statement of Malicious Intent
3. Something Went Wrong
4. Stuck in the Trunk
5. Submerged in Human Compost
6. Kill.Bury.Repeat.
7. Dead but Delicious
8. Autopsy Report (Inconclusive)
9. Scratch the Bone
10. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty (Cannibal Corpse Cover)


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Torn The Fuck Apart - Kill.Bury.Repeat. (Gore House Productions)
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