Album Review: Topsy Turvy – It Can’t Be Easy (Self Released)

French melodic punk rock band, Topsy Turvy will release their much-anticipated new album ‘It Can’t Be Easy’ on January 13th, 2023.

Our first taste of Topsy Turvy came early in December 2022 with the release of the single, Perfect Day. Where we discovered a band that drew inspiration from the world of punk rock, emo and indie. Delivering a catchy tune that featured a fanciful beat, dramatic level of melody and infectious rock groove. It was a fun listen and appears at the halfway point of this full album.

All the words used there to describe that individual track also work to describe the full album. Alongside the likes of passionate, anthemic, heartfelt, and meaningful. It’s an album that mixes eloquent melodies with energetic punk rock sway. From the moment No Surrender marks the start of the album with feeling, to the moment You Don’t Know and Not So Long deliver unadulterated foot-tappers and Are We Still Alive? and Forever Alone prove that Topsy Turvy are a strong example of how unforgettable modern melodic punk rock can be, when done well.



There’s nothing to complain about in the second half of the record as we get the aforementioned banger that is Perfect Day. Before the reflective heart and soul of Last Summer captures the imagination nicely. Followed then by the peppy defiance of Question Everything, the singalong that is Suffocate, the joyfully melodic rhythm of the title track, and the powerful finale of Nothing Remains.

Credit where credit is due, It Can’t Be Easy is never boring. An album filled with pure catchy vibes that has the melodies and enough punk rock bite to perk many an ear up.




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Topsy Turvy - It Can’t Be Easy (Self Released)
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