Album Review: Tomorrow Will Be Better? by All This Filth (Brutal Records)

Australian groove metal outfit, All This Filth, will release their third full length album titled Tomorrow Will Be Better? via Brutal Records on the 9th of February 2024.

Newly signed to Brutal Records, the dynamic metallers are renowned for their industrial-tinged groove metal sound and impassioned lyrics. Their distinctive fusion of genres and influences, coupled with emotionally charged lyrics, assures an auditory experience that is both profound and thought-provoking. With the release of this third album, Tomorrow Will Be Better?, and the new worldwide partnership with Brutal Records, All This Filth are all set up to take the world by storm in 2024.

“Tomorrow Will Be Better?” was meticulously crafted from May 2021 to October 2022 at Sumo Studios in Perth, Western Australia. The album’s production was overseen by Tristan Sturmer, with Daniel Thabet handling the mixing at Liquid Studios in Dorset, Vermont, USA. Grammy award-winning engineer Alan Douches (known for his work with Cannibal Corpse, Devildriver, Prong) took charge of the mastering at West Side Music in New Windsor, New York, USA.

The album’s artwork and layout were expertly crafted by Kat Atkinson at Beautiful Chaos Art and Design.

All This Filth are Brendan Preston on vocals, Brock Smith and Lenny Onel on guitars, Benny Bönes on bass and keyboards and Garett Stanford on drums.

All This Filth - Tomorrow Will Be Better Band Artwork

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Tomorrow Will Be Better? comes with 11 tracks and around 47 minutes of music to get stuck into starting with It’s Never Going To Be Ok.

A sampled car crash in the intro leads into chunky riffing and an instant dollop of groove. All This Filth take very little time to kick into gear with a really cool flow that sees a groove laden section with repeated shouts of “so what the fuck” before a sudden blast of intense speed and shouts moves us on, that pattern then repeats and it’s an earworm, even if I don’t love the “so what the fuck” vocal lines. The rhythm is wicked though – banging drum and bass patterns with big riffs and punchy vocals that have a sort of crossover thrash shout style to them. As the song nears conclusion, we also get a little bit of lead guitar come in and lead us through a really neat instrumental section. It’s a strong start.

With an opener like that, expectations are high and the band deliver in a mesmerising album full of groove and little industrial tints that add so much to the songs and style. These industrial components are used so well, always adding a layer of intrigue and interest to predominantly groove metal songs. They don’t ever really take over, they just add to the overall sound. Dark Hearts, Dead Minds uses this wickedly dark and exciting synth sound in the background that really fattens the sound out. Samples are used to good effect in Still Bleeds My Heart and the chorus of Disconnect drops in a ethereal background effect that really elevates it and makes it sound more than a little epic.

Breathing Concreate uses the industrial components well too, adding sounds in half way through as an additional little background layer where it’s slightly nauseating bubbling effect makes you feel uneasy. The most gentle of touches of industrial appear as Waste My Life fades out and the sampling in place at the beginning of Skyline works very well with the cleaner guitars before the layer of synth combines wonderfully with the riffs and drums as the song moves into verses. It’s really clever use, really restrained and just balanced perfectly.

Industrial components aside though, All This Filth will make their real impact with the punishing and powerful riffs and rhythms. Stuff to headbang along to, metal to pit frantically to. Still Bleeds My Heart is a hard hitter, mixing tempo but always with this catchy groove foundation to keep you on track. The intro to Disconnect is a treat, packing a punch with shouts, drums and stop start riffing. No More Rain goes on full attack mode with fast and furious verses and a little looser drumming and riffing. All This Filth will break some mosh pits with this banger. The surprisingly subdued start to Breathing Concrete transforms into a not so unexpected feast of slowed down riffing and drum crashes.

Pushing No More Rain for the title of fastest, most in your face, song on Tomorrow Will Be Better? is Exploitation.

The shortest track on the album and one that has a touch of early days Fear Factory to it (actually, a fair few do). A feast of furious drumming, vocals and riffing in another top notch track. Waste My Life brings the catchiness in a big way with more of those hard hitting riffs and beats, something that seems almost a given now but you still love to hear it. I also love how many of the songs have a guitar led instrumental section. Not really solos, but in their place, we just get some lead guitar driven instrumental blocks to headbang to, or let loose to. No More Rain kills it, having already been a sped up attack track, we head into this supreme rhythm section with a touch of synth to just really headbang hard to.

When the lead guitars do get a moment to shine, that is a really welcome treat too. Disconnect has an absolutely cracking solo that is short, but so perfectly suited to the song. Breaking Concrete is another where the tone of the lead guitar really stands out and works a treat alongside the bubbling synth line. The lead guitars in Waste My Life make the chorus and the little squeals and screeches that bookend riffs and drum patterns are just little moments of unexpected creativity that take good things and make them great. I love the gorgeous melody in Skyline’s intro and album closer and title track, Tomorrow Will Be Better? drops these little screeches in during the riffs that seem like minor touches but show a level of perfectionism and craftsmanship that again elevates songs from good to great through memorable moments.

Tomorrow Will Be Better? is a really strong album and showcases a band of immense talent in All This Filth. At it’s core, it’s a riff and rhythm fest with a vast array of punchy, aggressive and supremely catchy beats. The drums are excellent, the bass and guitars hit hard and the vocals are powerful enough to carry the energy and intensity the music deserves. What then elevates these tracks up a notch is the moments of indsutrial spice and it’s patient use. It’s use adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the songs and really does elevate many of them from good to great. It gives All This Filth that something a little different to ensure they stand out and are seen in a crowded market. With music of this qualitry coming out in 2024, maybe tomorrow really will be better?

Preorder Tomorrow Will Be Better? from Season of Mist, here or from Brutal Records, .

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