Album Review: Timeworm – Venomous High (Fysisk Format)

Venomous High is the new album from Norwegian sludge lords, Timeworm. The second album from the band, unlike the first, Venomous High offers a more expansive & ambient sound. It’s out on June 2nd via Fysisk Format.

Timeworm 1

The promise of a wider & more ambient sound is met early on alongside the dark chugging beat of Measure of Gold. A fantastic opener that has a real melodic beat intersected with sudden furious riffing & heavier vocals.

Subtly is dropped in favour of a faster, metal sound on All Chiefs, an absolute belter of a track before The Trail gives you a moment to breathe. A minute plus of haunting melody, it’s tune flows perfectly into the crushing sounds of Black Peak Blues.

An incredible piece of music combining slow & sludgy riffs, furious sounding vocals & a eerie atmosphere. That’s something that isn’t immediately obvious but starts to pick away at you as Venomous High goes on.

The album has got such an effective sound, no ambient noise or darkened effect is thrown in unnecessarily. It’s all there for a reason & it enhances the glorious sludgy style. Venomous High is an album that isn’t lacking in any department.

There isn’t a bad song on the album. The Infectious Gloom’s exciting drum beat & guitar squeals, the huge sounding choruses of Ur Syntax, the absolutely gorgeous melody dropped in Night of Owls (arguably the best song on the album) & the ‘in your face’ approach of Traitors to the Crown.

If you’ve not realised already, Venomous High is an incredible album capped off with the lengthiest & most expansive sounding piece of music. The album ends on the title track, Venomous High, which is all about the mind-numbing heaviness blended perfectly with huge sounding melody. Throw in some stunning guitar soloing alongside some gut-rumbling bass & this is Timeworm signing off in serious style.

One of the best sludge metal releases of the year.

Timeworm 2

Timeworm – Venomous High Full Track Listing:

1. Measure of Gold
2. All Chiefs
3. The Trail
4. Black Peak Blues
5. The Infectious Gloom
6. Ur Syntax
7. Night of Owls
8. Traitors to the Crown
9. Venomous High

The album, Venomous High can be ordered via Bandcamp & you can find out more about Timeworm over on Facebook & Soundcloud.


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Timeworm - Venomous High (Fysisk Format)
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