Album Review: Tijuana Bibles – Free Milk (Button Up Records)

Scottish post-punk quartet Tijuana Bibles will release their long-awaited debut album ‘Free Milk’, on December 8th, 2023, via their new label home, Button Up Records.

Offering up a wacked out, dissonant, and alt-infused infectious set of tracks, Tijuana Bibles have a lot about them that will appeal to a mass market. It’s a major part of the reason their stock has risen so swiftly and resulted in Free Milk being so hotly anticipated. There’s no question that Tijuana Bibles have built themselves a solid fanbase already, so the question now is if they can bring even more people into their manic party.

The frenzy of coarse and chaotic punk-infused noise that greets listeners on album opener Stateless, is a damn fine introduction to the raw and raucous sound that Tijuana Bibles will showcase across the entire breadth of the record. Although it’s more likely to be the alt-twisted moody vibes of Pariah and the freaky-ass groover that is Three is a Cult that really captures the imagination. Tijuana Bibles showcasing their spirited creativity strongly with the first third of the album.

Then along comes The Wave to add some funky melodies and some super-strong vocals to the overall package. Before Architect’s chilled tone and the title track’s errant pacing keep things sounding distinctly unique. By the halfway point, absolutely no-one can dispute that Tijuana Bibles are not keeping things interesting.


With that in mind, it’s quite amusing to hear them deliver something so accessible with Unknown. Albeit, with their post-punk unevenness still front and centre. This is a track that could be played just about anywhere and find a fan.

The latter half of the record then continues with aplomb as Tijuana Bibles turn up the heavy heat with the riffy Human Torch, take some inspiration from goth rock with Mothman, before ramping up the weirdness with the sleazy rocker, Slip into the Leather. Ten tracks in and Free Milk is still as fun, wacky, and wonderful as it was at the start. The genuine sound of an enjoyable listen.

Especially as it is capped off with two more elegant and charming efforts in the form of Billionairhead and Pill. Tijuana Bibles will have won over just about everybody come the end. The party is going to get a whole lot bigger once the effect of this record is felt. Tijuana Bibles are your new favourite band, roll with it.

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Tijuana Bibles – Free Milk Track Listing:

1. Stateless
2. Pariah
3. Three is a Cult
4. The Wave
5. Architect
6. Free Milk
7. Unknown
8. Human Touch
9. Mothman
10. Slip into the Leather
11. Billionairhead
12. Pill


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Tijuana Bibles - Free Milk (Button Up Records)
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