Album Review: Thumos/spaceseer – The Course of Empire (Snow Wolf Records)

Progressive post metal band Thumos will release their new album ‘The Course of Empire’ on July 4th via Snow Wolf Records.

On this album, they have partnered with “prog-electronic storyteller” spaceseer for a musical recreation of the Thomas Cole painting series The Course of Empire, which represents the cyclical nature of human civilization.



As is par for the course with Thumos, The Course of Empire is a detailed and deep album of peculiarities. Something the band excel at but here, has been given a cohesive and captivating reboot as the ‘collector of transmissions received from matter channels of aspiration and struggle’, spaceseer joins them on this journey.

What a journey it is too. Musically and thematically, a perfect of blend of the dark and the light of life. Of the heavy and the mellow thoughts that make up humanity. Of the horror and the beauty that exists in the world. This is storytelling at its finest, complimented by a heavy mix of post environments, progressive serrations, and electronica atmosphere.

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Every track sounds and feels gargantuan. Even the short introduction and interludes have a majesty to them. Thumos and spaceseer aim to capture the sonic wonder of something better associated with visual appreciation and do an impressive job of it. You don’t have to be an expert on Thomas Cole or his series that inspired this album, but a little bit of knowledge will certainly help you appreciate the immense effort that has gone in.

Ignore that aspect for a moment though and focus on the music and music alone. What Thumos and spaceseer provide is an immense, powerful, intense and heavy experience based in progressive post but not exclusive to it. Elements of doom and death, heavy on the atmosphere and with layered electronica. Musically, it can be as thrilling as the story-telling aspect.

Put the two together and The Course of Empire proves itself to be triumphant and unique effort.

Thumos/spaceseer – The Course of Empire Full Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Commencement
3. Arcadian
4. Interlude 1
5. Consummation
6. Interlude 2
7. Destruction
8. Desolation


Thumos – Bandcamp | Thumos – Instagram | spaceseer – Bandcamp | spaceseer – Website


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Thumos/spaceseer - The Course of Empire (Snow Wolf Records)
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