Album Review: Through Mists – Summon The Severed (Syrup Moose Records)

Through Mists manifests aggressive music by drawing upon the extreme metal realms and adding a creative twist. The one-man project will unleash the upcoming album ‘Summon The Severed’ on December 6th, 2023, 2023 via Syrup Moose Records.

Through Mists comments:

Through Mists is really happy to release ‘Summon The Severed’ on Syrup Moose Records! In the newest installment of The Traveler’s saga, we explore some new ground musically while the story continues as we dive into Hell to resurrect the dismembered gods!

A creative twist is certainly one way to describe what Through Mists does with this unique sounding record. On the one hand, it’s extreme metal with plenty of garish and grotesque heaviness, but on the other, it’s got an eccentric progressive edge that keeps the listener unseated throughout. If there is one though that Summon the Severed leaves you with, it’s the knowledge that Through Mists has a ton of imagination.

Imagination that gets downright wild a lot of the time, but does create a ton of interest, especially as every single track has an immense amount of depth. Just when you think you’ve heard every weird thing Through Mists can offer, another comes along, and then another. It’s an absolutely baffling, but fascinating experience.

That being said, it’s not the most listenable at times, and it certainly doesn’t have a ton of replay value as it is such an investment. Yet, the layers demand you do give this multiple tries, as the more time spent with it, the more it all makes sense. Through Mists have put an inordinate amount into this record, and it certainly deserves attention. Even if tracks like In Our Image, and the three-part title track could make up an album alone, before the other five tracks are considered.

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There is a question about who this album will appeal to as it’s far too progressive for fans of out and out extreme, yet it is far too extreme for fans of progressive. The much smaller window of those who enjoy both, taken to a much more elaborate level, is seemingly where this one will find its listener base. Though, those who enjoy a challenge will certainly find plenty to sink the teeth into, with the added bonus of enjoying the wild and wacky imagination of a very talented artist. It’s incredible really, that this sort of music is being done by a single person.

Call it what you want but be assured it’s wholly incomparable to anything else released this year, maybe even longer. Through Mists is the epitome of creativity and as unusual as the vision might have been, it leaves a big impression. Even if it’s one of bemusement.

Through Mists – Summon the Severed Track Listing:

1. Relegation To Servitude
2. Nest Of Blood & Sin
3. Bleed & Feed
4. Puncture
5. In Our Image
6. Terramorphic
7. Summon The Severed Part 1
8. Summon The Severed Part 2
9. Summon The Severed Part 3


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Through Mists - Summon The Severed (Syrup Moose Records)
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