Album Review: Throneless – Cycles (Black Bow Records)

On March 23rd 2018 Black Bow Records will release Cycles, four tracks of psychedelic doom metal by Swedish doom metal band Throneless.

Throneless 1

If you like your doom…well…doomy, then look no further than Throneless’ second full length release. An epic, filth-encrusted effort that pushes the boundaries of what doom can be.

Born in Vain sticky rhythm is heavy on bass all while the vocals take on a distant screaming style. Being almost 10 minutes long, if Throneless didn’t vary things up it could easily become monotonous however smart tempo changes keep things interesting & lively. This is particularly prevalent in the last few minutes where the drums lead the song on a war charge of increased pace.

The title track begins with some sorrowful but pretty sounding guitar melody, soft bass & quiet drum beats before roughing things up brilliantly. The standout track of the album is followed by Senseless, a return to the booming bass doom heaviness. One that makes the vocals sound even more unearthly.

The final track on Cycles, is a near 15-minute doom epic. Oracle echoes through the skull, slow & methodical with sudden flashes of screeching guitar & psychedelic vocals. Unfortunately it’s not the strongest track of the four, going nowhere interesting in the end.

A small blemish on an otherwise near perfect doom release. One that embraces the old but showcases the new.

Throneless 2

Throneless – Cycles Full Track Listing:

1. Born in Vain
2. Cycles
3. Senseless
4. Oracle

You can pick up Throneless’ music over on Bandcamp & also order the new album via Black Bow Records here. Find out more about the band by liking their Facebook Page.

Throneless - Cycles (Black Bow Records)
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