Album Review: Throne – Pestilent Dawn (Redefining Darkness Records)

Blackened death bludgeoners Throne are set to release their debut full length ‘Pestilent Dawn’ on April 9th 2021 via Redefining Records.

Blistering. It’s the one word that can accurately sum up what Throne are producing here on their debut. Blistering metal in that unmistakable blackened death way. You know, all fire and fury with a constant stream of hyper-active noise. It’s what everyone wants from this style of metal and Throne do it very freaking well.

Get those neck muscles warmed up, your going to need them. Amongst the Sinners, They Came Forth is the first track that demands your head-banging interaction. The absolute force of heaviness that comes from this band is powerful enough to send most to their knees. Praise the god of fury and strife, it’s who is pushing Throne to be such an absolute beast.



A beast that is frothing at the mouth as they spit and snarl their way through In the Midst of Chaos, And They Shall Weep and the title track. This constant high level of percussion brutality is simply exhausting, the vocal depth is nauseating and those guitar squeals you hear all over the place are unbelievably good to hear. Though the short melodic Eternity Mourning that is in between that group is a bit odd even if it is a chance to catch the breath.

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No major surprises with Born of Death, Beyond Malice and All Creation Wept but who is asking for one? This trio are another set of electrifying and savage punches. Through bloodied teeth, the grin is there to be seen.

Just like it begun, it ends with atmosphere. Good thing too, as few won’t be completely cowed and spent by this stage.

Throne – Pestilent Dawn Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Amongst the Sinners, They Came Forth
3. In the Midst of Chaos
4. And They Shall Weep
5. Eternity in Mourning
6. Pestilent Dawn
7. Born of Death
8. Beyond Malice
9. All Creation Wept
10. Humanity’s Dusk


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Throne - Pestilent Dawn (Redefining Darkness Records)
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