Album Review: Theurgia – Transformation (Worship Tapes/Esfinge De La Calavera/Throats Productions)

Transformation is the debut full length release from Theurgia. Released on August 14th 2017 via by the labels Worship Tapes (Ger), Esfinge De La Calavera (Spa) and in digipack format by Throats Productions (Mex).

Theurgia 1

A short haunting alien like intro leads into the first full track, ILV (The Verb of Waters). The sound of cold black metal rings out creating an atmosphere that drips darkness. Hard & heavy riffs, screaming vocals & a nice touch of melody. It’s the kind of start that puts all kinds of black thoughts in your mind.

The fury that erupts from the title track is enough to crack a hole in the earth. Coming in at nearly 8 minutes the unrelenting heaviness alongside the fascinating sound of evil melancholy makes it feel half the length. A truly awe-inspiring track.

Bringing hell fire & brimstone thoughout, the album is every bit as nasty & bile-inducing as you could hope a modern black metal album could be. The influences of the past are layered throughout but it doesn’t focus too much on them. The use of odd snippets of sound effects, things that sound ripped straight out of H.P. Lovecraft’s imagination, really enhance the bleakness on display.

As good as Transformation has been so far nothing on the album comes close to touching the sublime Procesio IV – Monotonous Chant. The stunning metal rhythm alongside soaring moments of emotional melody is absolutely brilliant.

Needing to cement their status as a crushing metal band after that, Procesio V – Dolorvm & Procesio VI – Mea Spíritus in Opium go for the jugular with ferocious guitar licks, a brief solo in the former & intensity that will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat.

A fantastic slice of black metal that once again gives you much hope for the future of the genre!

Theurgia 2

Theurgia – Transformation Full Track Listing:

1. Creation
2. ILV (The Verb of Waters)
3. Transformation
4. Transmutation (Of Synesthetic Formula)
5. My Oeneric Dreams
6. Procesio IV – Monotonous Chant
7. Procesio V – Dolorvm
8. Procesio VI – Mea Spíritus in Opium

Head over to Bandcamp & Worship Tapes to pick up the album now. You can find out much more about the band on Facebook & see some of their videos on YouTube.


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Theurgia - Transformation (Worship Tapes/Esfinge De La Calavera/Throats Productions)
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