Album Review: The Whiskey Bats – Flesh Eaters (Self Released)

The Whiskey Bats are a high energy punk band with horror influences from Northeast Pennsylvania. They released their debut album, Flesh Eaters in September 2022.



Punk, rock and horror… what’s not to enjoy about The Whiskey Bat’s debut album? A twelve-track blast of groovy and fun energy. One with influences from all over the horror-punk spectrum and focused on raw liveliness and catchiness. You can hear the influence of bands like Misfits but you can also hear the influence of bands like Rancid. It’s a grand punk gamut and ensures all fans of punk will find something they like here.

The clattering of instruments and shouted vocals certainly draws from the punk of old but the inherent floor-filling quality of most of the tracks gives the album a fresh face-lift. Tracks like The Carnival of Crime in Connecticut, Burn with Me and Missing Midian are highlights but it’s an album that keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout.

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Don’t be surprised if you find you start to feel a little sweaty just listening to it. Also, don’t be surprised if you suddenly get a desire to take a bite out of your neighbour. After all, this is music that is highly communicable.

It’s also no surprise that The Whiskey Bats appeared on the recently released compilation album Horrorpunk’s Not Dead – Vol. 1 (We Are Horror Records) as they’re clearly have a bright future in the horror punk scene.

The Whiskey Bats – Flesh Eaters Full Track Listing:

1. Flesh Eaters
2. Attack Of the Bleeding Brain
3. The Carnival of Crime in Connecticut
4. Moonlight Girl
5. Gallows
6. 35mm For Life
7. Burn With Me
8. Spitting Nails
9. NC-17
10. Vanta Black
11. Missing Midian
12. Sci-Fi Style


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The Whiskey Bats - Flesh Eaters (Self Released)
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