Album Review: The Survival Code – Whispers Of Woe (Good Deed Music Ltd)

London UK rock band, The Survival Code, are back with the new album, ‘Whispers of Woe’. Out on January 26th, 2024, it’s an album explores what it’s like to be human and to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the music industry in the digital age.

A very imaginative release, The Survival Code showcase a rich tapestry of rock-based ideas and manage to stay innately catchy throughout. All while have a sheen of ‘weirdness’ that gives them a fresh feel. Emphatically displayed with the lovable opener, The Heart Will Bleed. It’s clear from this point onwards, that this is going to a dynamic release.

Dynamism that comes from an instrumental section that has an ear for melody and groove, and vocals that are unique sounding. Together, they make up the exciting sound that is The Survival Code and together, they provide compelling rock tunes like Never Knew You Existed and 3. For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse.

Not just compelling though, but authentic sounding, as their tales are both interesting and relatable. Being a band who has witnessed common music industry murkiness, from underhand band management tactics resulting in money being stolen from the group, to a former touring member concealing significant drug issues, and more. It sure makes for a fascinating listen.

Although, at its core, what really makes Whispers of Woe such a strong album overall is the fact that it’s track after track of great rock music. Music with heart and soul, music with vitality, and music that burrows its way into the brain. We Are Just Fooling Ourselves, Sum Of All Our Parts, Built To Break, Haunted By Myself, and Choreography and Chaos making the middle portion of the record unmissable.

It flies by, such is the immersion that the album creates, and credit to The Survival Code, it’s still sounding varied and exciting as it hits the 30-minute mark. Can’t Be Explained and Digging Your Own Grave bringing forth a bountiful of melody-driven rock. Both, with just enough instrumental heft to give the tones that little more bite. Then there is Waiting in the Wings, one of the more ‘robust’ tracks with some funky rhythms, and Random Faces, a punchy finale that puts the exclamation point on the entire album.

The Survival Code’s popularity is already well established, and this album is only going to increase that. It’s a diverse, but extremely accessible release.

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The Survival Code – Whispers of Woe Track Listing:

1. The Heart Will Bleed
2. Never Knew You Existed
3. For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse
4. We Are Just Fooling Ourselves
5. Sum Of All Our Parts
6. Built To Break
7. Haunted By Myself
8. Choreography and Chaos
9. Can’t Be Explained
10. Digging Your Own Grave
11. Waiting in the Wings
12. Random Faces


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The Survival Code - Whispers Of Woe (Good Deed Music Ltd)
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